[REVIEW] KatchUp : Saving And Sharing Photo Memories

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I often want to share a bunch of photos from an outing or event with family or friends but have found that not everyone has a Facebook account (yes, really... who knew?) and privacy settings can be an absolute nightmare.  

KatchUp has created the perfect solution.

KatchUp has a tiered membership system.  A free membership allows you 1GB of image storage (this is about 500 photos taken on your average smartphone) and a Premium membership is £2.99 per month with 10GB of storage and additional features such as photo editing.  I am going to share my membership with all my family members so we can all upload our own photos to a "moment" when we have been together because everyone has a different view, don't they?

Privacy is of absolute importance with your KatchUp account.  There is (currently) no social media sharing and you choose who you send your selected album to, either by email or with your own KatchUp contacts. 

It is very easy to upload images to KatchUp and you order them by date (either date of upload or date of event) and each album - or "moment" as KatchUp call them - are found within a timeline.  Here's a short video I made which shows you exactly how simple the process is:

KatchUp is designed to be consumer-led therefore the community hub is full of ideas and examples of ways to use KatchUp.  As the website is very new, there is also a feedback section where site adaptions and features can be suggested.  Founder, Katie Hobbs, is very pro-active in responding to suggestions.

Also, have a look at the #AugustKatchUp page where there are competitions for the whole of this month including a prize draw entry for a 5* holiday for all new members and a Twitter party with prizes on Wednesday 13th August.

KatchUp : Web | Facebook |Twitter 


I have a "50% discount membership code" for my readers.  Use the code KTYPE0814 when registering (or in your account settings if you're already a member) and you will receive an email inviting you to upgrade to Premium membership for £1.50.

Added : 10th September 2014

This review was taken off-line for a while whilst KatchUp ironed out some technical glitches on their website. I'm happy to report that they have all been fixed now and that customer experience and service is top of their priority list.

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