Chloe Jasmine's ORIGINAL X-Factor audition from 2006

The nation fell in love/hate with Chloe Jasmine at her recent X-Factor audition.  She's "tipped for the top" by Simon Cowell, marked as "the X-Factor's poshest contestant" so far and Twitter was buzzing with memories of Chloe on Sky's The Face 'find a model' programme from 2013.

Why don't you watch this video at exactly 27 minutes and see who appeared on the X-Factor back in 2006 (the year that Leona Lewis won)... 

Isn't it amazing how Cheryl can remember someone from six years ago but both Simon and Louis fail to remember someone who was "every parent's nightmare" and "fame hungry" and has appeared on our screens on many occasions over the past eight years?

X-Factor, Chloe Jasmine Whichello