Back To School (for the last time ever)

This is the last time I'll ever be posting a "first day of the new school term" picture so humour me, please.

Back To School, Year 11, Jake

Every September since 1995 I have waved my child(ren) off to start a new school term and today was the last time.  My youngest set off on his Year 11 journey today.  He actually has another compulsory year of EET (employment, education or training) but this will have to be away from his high school as they don't have a sixth form/Year 12-13.  He's got plans anyway... plans that involve something non-academic and fun and that will incorporate all his vocational GCSE's - music, drama and catering.

It doesn't seem that long ago since I was starting the top class of high school and yet it was a full generation away. I was full of dreams and expectations and had ideas about the career path I was going to take.  Nothing much changes, does it?

I've linked this to Tara's Gallery this week as she has a "Back To School" theme.