How Many Macarons Does It Take To Create A Twitter Trend?

A box of macarons - credit : EnglishMum
Image Credit ; EnglishMum
(these are NOT the guilty macarons)
1 row of macarons to sit forlornly in a badly framed Instagram picture.

2 blog posts with opposing points of view, shared to Twitter by fiercely loyal friends.

48 people to tweet similar experiences from both side of the fence and explain how a situation could have been handed differently.

1 Twitter hashtag that goes viral. For no apparent reason.

139 arguments over whether it's 'macaron' or 'macaroon'.

298 shared links to the correct spelling, pronunciation and definition of 'macaron' and 'macaroon'. 

1 'celebrity' food critic to weigh in with a thinly veiled opinion.

8426 opinion tweets that have only read one side of the story.

823 bandwagon tweets that include a link to a blog post that might or might not be connected to the subject matter.

97 bloggers displaying concern that their future brand relationships may now be in jeopardy,

1 blog post that sums up the situation perfectly and goes on to mention how everyone can learn by this.

92735 One Direction fans wondering what the actual fuck the #bloggerblackmail hashtag to do with 1D. It *must* be to do with One Direction or why is it in the Top Trends... 

macaron versus macaroon
2843 tweets thanking the previous pedants because they now know the difference between macarons and macaroons.

12 recommendations of other macaron/macaroon sellers.

572 people to declare that they can now never eat macarons or macaroons again because of the controversy caused. 

23 blog posts from major media outlets because reporting on Twitter trends is Most Important in today's media, even though people are actually dying elsewhere in the world.

1 fan of Julie Walters to share a link to the Acorn Antiques musical song "Macaroons" to lighten the mood.
"Have a custard fucking cream and shut the fuck up" ~ Mrs Overall