Traveler's Notebook Update | August 2015

I know it's not that long since I last wrote a planner set-up update but I need to share! I'm still madly in love with the Traveler's Notebook style of planning; so much so that I've gone and ordered another cover, a whole host of notebooks and filmed another video about it all

travelers notebook set-up - information and video links

So, where to start... you might want to grab a brew and set aside fifteen or so minutes of your precious time to watch the video (below) because I explain everything in rather a lot of detail however I do also like give a blog mention to people and products that I love because they deserve the attention.

First of all, a nod to Tony at Pocket Notebooks.  In my Pocket Notebooks unboxing video I noted that the trend for shoebox-style delivery boxes is a barrier to actually receiving them because they don't fit through the letterbox, ergo, if you work during the day or have to pop out somewhere and delivery is attempted, you then have to schlep to the 'local' sorting office to collect your parcel, it's not usually available until the 'next day' and it's just inconvenient. Tony took my feedback onboard and, as you'll see in the video, he is now using cardboard envelopes that fit perfectly through the front door (it's possibly cheaper on the postage charges too)! Nice one, Pocket Notebooks!

Various notebooks from Pocket Notebooks  Travelers notebook cover from Wick and Hide

Secondly, I have been wanting to try out a slightly different sized cover for my Field Notes and Word. notebooks. The one I already have is 'pocket sized' but this definitely isn't the same size as a 'pocket sized notebook'.  Go figure. I spotted an offer-I-couldn't-refuse update in a Traveler's Notebook Facebook group so thought it was the ideal opportunity to go for it.  I selected a red leather, four elastics, Field Notes sized cover which looks and smells glorious! You can find Wick and Hide on Etsy.

Please do watch the video to see the notebooks and the cover all set up and looking amazing. I waffle on a bit about running in there too (sorry about that - it'll make sense, I promise) and I think I'm going to have to write/talk about that in more detail on a separate occasion. Let me know what you think.