Things I Learnt In August

I am lost without my watch. The battery died and I never check the time on my phone (probably because we aren't allowed our phones at work). However, this did give me a good excuse to look into a bit of fitness technology and compare a few running watches.  I ended up spending a RIDONKULOUS amount of money on a Fitbit Surge which, despite a few initial reservations, is probably the best investment I've made for a long time.

Sketchbook Club is well worth the £20 membership fee.  I saw a few of my internet buddies sharing sketch pictures that they'd been drawing to specific themes and dug a little deeper. Kirsty was reviewing Jennie Maizels' Sketchbook Club and after hearing more about it from Sian and Kara I signed up for the full course.  I've surprised myself at how well some of my sketches have turned out but that's absolutely down to the instructions and support that are provided by Jennie and everyone else participating in this community.  Here's two of my favourite pictures so far and you can follow me on Instagram to see more.

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When you see the moon in the sky during the day it is a moonless night in Australia.  I know this sounds childishly obvious but it's one of those things that you sort of doubt the reasoning for, isn't it? Anyway, it was all confirmed by the fabulous Sam Gouldson (she's Jump! Mag's science editor) in this twitter conversation.

Men like gift boxes too.  I had the opportunity to have a sneak peek at this Tessuti / Hugo Boss gift box (disclosure : it was sent to me under 'no obligation' however my husband loved it so much it's getting a mention here). It included a Hugo Boss t-shirt, a gorgeous leather notebook and pen, a hip flask, a pocket handkerchief and some shaving/facial care products. I may have stolen the notebook for myself and if I'd have known that my husband coveted a hip flask, then finding him a birthday present this year may have been a lot easier!! 

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Traveler's Notebook planners are the future. As I settle into my new planner set-up, I am not regretting moving out of my Filofax one bit.  Also, after discovering the Pocket Notebooks website, it was great to be interviewed by owner, Tony in this "Getting To Know..." feature where you can find out what I keep in my pencil case, how I describe myself in three objects and my favoured pen/pencil combination.  I've also written a piece for the Pocket Notebooks website which explains how I use my Adventure Log as a running journal, which lead me nicely on to...

When exercise get you, it gets you good. Oh yes, another boring running update Even just a few weeks ago I was wondering how people found the energy or the time to get out and take part in some form of fitness activity more than a couple of times a week. I'm now eating my own words as I'm running four (YES, REALLY) times a week and I am attending a fitness class too.   As I move towards a new chapter in my running life (running 10K) I know I need to ensure my body and mind are in the right place and that I have enough stamina to keep up with the challenge.

I'd buy a sheet from this woman to wrap myself in.  In lieu of a new YouTube favourite to share (because they all seem to be dance-related this month), I wondered if you'd seen this video? I think I need some sales tips from her!

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Posted by Hicham Serialkinder Wahbi on Sunday, 19 July 2015

Now it's your turn. Tell me what YOU learnt recently.