Body Confidence... Should It Be About The Numbers?

It's taken a long time to become comfortable in my own skin and over the last year I've written about it on a few occasions.  During that time I've lost two stone in weight (but since plateaued), I've become happier with my running progress and I've found an exercise class that love. I'm also back at a desk job in a career that I've never attempted before but I'm definitely finding my feet. 

But I gave up going to the Slimming World weigh-ins and deviated from the meal plan.  Not a good idea really however I am more conscious of making better choices when eating. I was totally unaware of my weight yet I have been noticing (good) shape changes in my body.  So, whilst in the town centre this weekend, I wandered into Boots Chemist and used their scale to have my body measurements recorded.  For me it's not really about the numbers but it's good to have something to work from, yes?

I want to be thinner
I want to run faster 
I want to be a better me 
But this is my own personal journey

I'm including a picture of the printout from the machine for two reasons:  

  1. because I'm not actually ashamed (any more) of the numbers - if anyone has an issue with it then that's their problem, the judgemental bastard;
  2. analysis is important; 
  3. I've shrunk by 1.1 inches over the years. I WANT MY BLOODY INCH BACK! 

Boots Chemist weight and BMI print out
The weight loss (and subsequently the lower BMI and percentage of body fat) is a work in progress. I know I need to ramp up my attention towards food and keep on with the exercise. I'm also quite aware that my body is toning in places that I hadn't really given much attention over the past few years. I want to lose another couple of stone in weight and I'd be happy; I'm fully aware that, over the years, I've had three children, six medical operations and my body probably won't ping back to what it was 25 years ago. It'd be nice though!  

What my main concern is that the "recommended weight" for someone of my height and age is 7st 13lb - 10st 10lb. On this printout it is there, in black and white, a guidance note suggesting that I lose another 3-6 stone in weight. Even at my most fit and active when I was a youthful 18 years old, my weight was 10st 3lb.  Any thinner and I would have looked emaciated.

I cannot understand why Boots Chemist is using this recommendation especially when so many people will trust the advice printed on this strip of paper - people who are much less aware and confident than me. I mean, there will be women out there that look amazing at this recommended weight but it's not going to suit everyone who is my height. So, they can fuck off with their recommendations and if they are taken from 'official resources', they can fuck off too.