S'No Queen : Designer Thermals | Review & Giveaway

S'No Queen : Designer Thermals | Review & Giveaway

S'No Queen : Designer Thermals | Review & Giveaway
This is not me but it's how I imagine
I look in the S'No Queen thermals
It's a bit nippy up here in deepest Lancashire during the winter months and our house is an old Victorian end-terrace that seems to leak heat.  So during the cold months we wrap up in lots of layers and stick an extra blanket on the bed.  On the worst nights it's not unknown for me to wear more clothes to bed than it is during the day... *sexy* so when S'no Queen asked me to take a look at their designer luxury thermals in the limited edition colour of turquoise, I jumped at the chance! 

Long gone are the days of the off-white, slightly baggy long-john type thermals that I remember my dad wearing in the 1970s. First impressions are that they are super soft! They are ribbed which naturally helps to trap air between outer layer, boosting the thermal properties and - here's the science bit - the thermals are made up of 82% micro modal, 14% silk and 4% lycra - making the whole product naturally soft on the skin and are very ecological.

Now, I'm not going to be going skiing any time soon, and we're not quite into the throes of winter just yet so, rather than just sitting around the house, looking super sparkly (yes, my leggings and tops all have a gorgeous diamante pattern on), I thought I'd use them for training runs as the nights get a bit colder as I like to wear a thin top under my running vest rather than one thick layer.  I'll let you know how I get on!   UPDATE : the top is perfect - it keeps me just the right level of 'warm' when running!

BUT, NICKIE, HOW CAN I BUY, I hear you ask!

Now, the S'No Queen products are, as mentioned, at the luxury end of the scale but you definitely are paying for quality and design here.  Check out the new winter ranges and if you see anything you fancy then use my discount code - TCAST10 - at checkout for 10% off  your order.  


S'No Queen have also teamed up with myself and a few other bloggers to bring you an exclusive competition to win a super-warm thermal bundle of S'No Queen products to keep you toasty this winter whether you're skiiing, snowboarding, running or just lounging around.  You have to enter via the widget below but there's lot of ways to enter including sending in a selfie or interacting on Twitter or Facebook.  


S'No Queen Limited Edition Designer Thermals Giveaway

NB: The competition is hosted and organised by S'No Queen and not by Typecast. Terms & conditions are available via the link on the widget and any queries must be directed to S'No Queen