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It's all well and good having new goals and challenges at the beginning of a new year but we put ourselves under enormous pressure, don't we?  The new year feels like a clean slate - a chance to start afresh, but how many of those Grand Ideas are binned by 20th of January?

One of my favourite hashtags to use on Instagram is #BeTheBestVersionOfMe. I use it on all my running photos as it makes me examine who I am, what I'm doing, where I'm going and what I'm doing to get there.

So, all my new year goals are running and health related because it should hopefully be easier to fit this into my current lifestyle.  For the first part of this year I've challenged myself to run in a 10 mile race and I'm slowly building up to that distance.  It's a massive deal to me because I still find 10k (6 miles) a slow, hard slog but the race is booked and the challenge is on! I'm keeping a journal of all my runs between now and then because I found this helped last time I did something similar.

The other two running challenges are sort of linked.  The first is to run 50 miles in January and the other is is to run 1000k in 2018 - something I started out doing last year but didn't achieve. Both mean that the distance averages out at around 12 miles per week which, when you're marathon training or trail running is a piece of piss to achieve.  Not so much when you find a five mile 'undulating' run a bit tough.

The increased training mileage needs an extra run a week but that fits in perfectly with my choice to continue with my Couch To 5k mentoring and my running club Wednesday run.  Maybe, with the 10 mile run in mind, I should have been selfish and concentrated on my own training between now and March but being a part of the C25K community in Blackburn is where my heart and my motivation lies. It helps to keep me going.

So how am I maintaining that promise to 'be the best version of me'? For me, it starts with having the right tools for the job and that's half the battle won!

I needed new trainers, obviously. No, seriously, I did because I had pounded over 500 miles in the last pair and they were due to be replaced.  I was wearing Adidas Duramo 55's and found them comfy and supportive - and if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  So I ordered two pairs in the January sales and I'm using both pairs equally. 

I also invested in a couple of decent sports bras from Panache after having them recommended by my friend, Kate (it's worth looking up their "Click, Fit and Collect" service which let's you order online but have the bras delivered to a participating retailer for a professional fitting).  I've been wearing the Sculptress non-padded sports bra which fits like a glove and keeps everything where it should be.

Finally, I spent my Christmas money on running gear.  I ordered a couple of club branded jackets and running tops and got them personalised. It's a total 'All The Gear And No Idea' situation but at least I don't stand out like a sore thumb on the race day photos...

And the rest? Well that's down to me, isn't it? I've always said that I find it easier to motivate others than I do myself but I'm lucky that my training buddy is one of my 'original crew' and the tables have turned. She's now kicking my arse and making me run up hills, run further and run faster.  She never lets me give up even when she's not feeling it herself.  Also, the rest of the 'original crew' are now all members of the same running club so I see them regularly, get lots of encouragement from them and, most importantly of all, they ALL inspire ME to push myself harder because I've seen what they have achieved by taking on board what I said to them in the beginning. I do need to take note of how I encourage and motivate others and apply it personally.

I had this blog post - Confessions of a Shit Runner - saved for a while and re-read it today. It really resonates me, especially the bit that says:
"Today was about making it to the line. And I did."
That could refer to the start line or the finish line, couldn't it? Half the battle is just turning up.  The rest of it - for me at least - is trying to finish.  And my goals are to finish my 50 miles in January, to finish the 10 mile race and to finish the year having run 1000 (or more) kilometres. And lots, lots more in between!

Be The Best Version Of Me - The East Lancs Hospice 10k - 14th January 2018
East Lancs Hospice 10k - 14th January 2018


As an aside, I had this blog post half written and came across this infographic created by hims who are a wellness company that encourages preventive health for all. I glanced at it thinking it wasn't relevant but then realised that I'm now 45 years old and some of those recommended checks are actually for people of my age and not 'old people'. Food for thought!

Be The Best Version Of You - Infographic - I had this infographic sent to me in an email entitled "Be The Best Version Of You". I glanced at it thinking it wasn't relevant but then realised that I'm now 45 years old and some of those recommended checks are actually for people of my age and not 'old people'. Food for thought!