What Can You Buy Someone Who Is Having Treatment For Cancer?

If you've been here since the beginning you'll know that one of the first posts I shared on this blog was the story about discovering my 14-month old daughter had Neuroblastoma - cancer of the adrenal gland. Since then, I have attempted to raise awareness by encouraging people to talk openly and honestly about their experiences with cancer through my blog series, Cancer - Your Story. I've also raised over £2000 for Cancer Research by participating in a few Race For Life events and by throwing myself out of a plane in a skydive. I've always tried to use this blog as a platform to share articles and news about cancer treatment developments.

One question I was always asked when my daughter was in hospital - and one question that I have asked friends who are working their way through treatment was "what can we bring that's going to help?" And you never want to sound patronising, do you?

I recently discovered Cancer Care Parcel which was set up by Dr Shara Cohen after her breast cancer diagnosis in 2013. The ethos behind the company enables people with cancer to reduce their worries and bring some calm into their lives.  Initially, their social media network offers support and advice but they also sell care packages and hampers which are an ideal gift for someone who is affected by cancer and the company sources deluxe British products.

What Can You Buy Someone Who Is Undergoing Chemotherapy?   Cancer Care Parcel
There are a number of suggestions on their website but I took a look at their "Comfort For Chemotherapy" box and was assured that all items are hypoallergenic and natural and the box is packed with items that will give comfort and relief at any stage of cancer treatment. 

As you can see in the image, the box includes anti-sickness and anti-nausea products, items to keep you warm and comfortable, a colouring book and pencils for a portable and soothing activity, a food bag and water bottle for handy snacks and a set of headphones that are device compatible.

This Comfort for Chemotherapy box retails at £78.99 at the time of writing and there are other options on the website. Now this may sound expensive as a one-off purchase however these gifts would retail at a higher cost if bought separately and it could be an opportunity for a few people to club together for this gift, knowing that it will bring hours of comfort and ease to the recipient.

Head on over to their website and see what they do - it's so much more than a shop

Cancer Care Parcel 
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For the purpose of this review, I received a Comfort For Chemotherapy box. After the review I donated it to a friend who is undergoing chemotherapy at the moment.