Get Speedy Drone Delivery When You Shop On

Photo by Sorasak on Unsplash

Jingdong recently announced that the government of Indonesia has officially approved the use of drone flights. The company, also known as, is a leading e-commerce retailer in China. It is considered to be the largest in the country. The news from Indonesia can have a profound effect on the company's future business trends in Southeast Asia. The announcement was made in January. 

Millions of customers rely on Jingdong to deliver everything from groceries to computer parts directly to their doors. The approval of drone delivery is a major breakthrough for both businesses and residents of the entire region. There are regulatory approvals that are pending from the Ministry of Transportation of Indonesia. Members of the Civil Aviation and Air Navigation Department were there in person to witness the drone flight. 

The announcement was made during the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum held in Davos. Mr. Richard Liu, the Chief Executive Officer of, was in attendance at the forum. Also present were many worldwide leaders in business, politicians and government leaders, and other renowned experts. Details of the flight we're also disclosed when the news was announced. The drone launched from its starting point in Jagabita Village, Parung Panjang and flew to the MIS Nurul Falah Leles Elementary School. It made a delivery of school supplies for the children, including donated books and backpacks. These were only a portion of a large donation of school items from Jingdong. 

The company regularly donates products and financial support to worthy causes within the community. The philanthropic efforts of Jingdong are widespread. They seek to help families, children, and adults in need. Many of these families are living in poverty, and the company helps to bring aid and support into their lives. They donate needed school supplies to many of the schools in the district. was founded in 1998 by Richard Liu. The headquarters of the company are in Beijing, China. It is ranked as one of the Global Fortune 500, and it is a public company thst trades on the NASDAQ. 

In its early days, the products offered by were mainly limited to a few categories. The company had a humble beginning compared to the massive multi-billion dollar enterprise that it is today. As the business grew, more and more products were added. All of the products that sold must be 100% authentic. The company has strict standards and continues to abide by this promise made to their customers. Jingdong partners with other retailers to offer one of the broadest range of products available on one website. 
Jingdong makes the promise of quick delivery, and their customers enjoy prompt delivery of their order. They can purchase perishable food items with confidence knowing that their delivery can arrive in a matter of hours. The drone delivery system, as well as the fact that they will also send a driver to deliver an order in some instances, confirms that quick delivery to their customers is a priority. 

There is a vast array of products available to shoppers at JD. Consumers can shop for all types of apparel, luxury accessories, vitamins, computers and computer parts, health and beauty supplies, cell phones, jewelry, pet supplies, sporting goods, and much more.