The January Run Down - PLUS I'm A Bodytek Ambassador

First the excuses and the mini-updates... 

I hadn't written a "January Run Down" until now because there didn't seem to be much to say (I'm wrong, as usual). For me, the beginning of the year is always a bit of a slow start and, up until a couple of weeks ago, I hadn't entered any races.

Me at Clitheroe parkrun | The January Run Down : Running updates from January plus sharing the news that I'm now a bodytek ambassador

My first run of the year was a mid-week, daytime run which is a HUGE novelty but I had an extra day off work and managed to get out with a few of the running gang and have a lovely six mile plod around Samlesbury. Nothing else exciting happened apart from occasionally leading the 11-minute mile group for Club Runs on Monday and Wednesday and joining in with some longer runs with my friends who are training for the Lisbon Half Marathon in March.  I currently haven't got a half marathon booked but wanted to increase my mileage "just in case". After all my protesting last year, I'm learning to appreciate the longer runs, but only when I have good people to run with - I seriously doubt I have the discipline to go out and tackle anything longer than 5 miles on my own.

I assisted with another parkrun takeover too. This time, Blackburn Road Runners successfully managed the Clitheroe Castle parkrun on 19th January.  Here's a video of our morning at the castle (I have a small cameo at the end. I was Volunteer Coordinator this time - I just promoted myself to Run Director when I saw a spare bib)!

(video credit : Shafiq Khan)

The snow that covered the UK prevented me from going out on a few runs so the mileage covered in January was 57 miles. I'm aiming to match or better that in February and I'm hoping to attend a couple of track speed sessions that my running club organises - maybe this will help towards one of my 2019 goals (a sub-30 minute parkrun)?

Races I have booked are

  • Stanley Park 10k - 24th February
  • Muddy Bottom 9 mile trail run - 31st March (I've still no idea how I got talked into this one)
  • Fleetwood 10k - 7th April
  • Wesham Summer 10k - 22nd May

Races I want to book are

  • Freckleton Half Marathon - 16th June
  • Southport Half Marathon - 30th June

But now, onto the exciting news! 

The January Run Down : Running updates from January plus sharing the news that I'm now a bodytek ambassador | bodytek logo

I've been invited to become an ambassador for a brand new UK fitness-wear company called bodytek who fully support sustainable and recyclable materials for their products which was the main reason I wanted to work with them. I've been sent their 'Women's Winter Training Bundle' to try out and, so far, I'm impressed.

The January Run Down : Running updates from January plus sharing the news that I'm now a bodytek ambassador | bodytek Womens Winter Training Bundle

The running top is long-sleeved which is perfect for wearing under a long or short sleeved training top on these cold nights but the most exciting part for me was that it is made from bamboo.  I recently discovered bamboo pyjamas and I'd literally live in them if I could - bamboo keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's warm. I have no idea how it works but I'm liking this magic material!  And it's the same with my running top - the material is natural and anti-microbial so it stops you from sweating without the clothing actually smelling.  Mind blowing! There's also a hidden zipped pocket in the seam which is ideal for a car or locker key and a bank card.

Next in the bundle is a stainless steel bottle.  I was recently researching this new trend in stainless steel bottles (more magic - keeping cold drinks cold for up to 48 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 24 hours) because they look sleek and functional.  This bottle holds just over a pint of liquid and is the perfect size for a gym bag or for carrying in your handbag to remind yourself to keep hydrated. The bottle itself is 100% stainless steel, made from recycled materials - and is also 100% recyclable itself!

Lastly in the bundle, is the drawstring gym bag with the bodytek logo and #feelthechange slogan printed on.  It's made from durable cotton and its big enough to hold all your essentials.

The bodytek blog details each item but I also wanted to mention that the owners of bodytek have been to meet the farmers of the cotton plants and have seen their certification of eco-friendly practices. They have also been to the factory where the clothes are made to ensure ethical working conditions and fair pay. Again, this was important to me when helping promote a brand - it's more than just looking and feeling good whilst reviewing products. You have to take it back a few steps, don't you?

So look out for my recommendations. All my links to the bodytek website are affiliate links (this means that I make a small amount of commission on any products you buy if you use my link - it doesn't cost you any extra). If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them for you.

So that's it for January!  A bit of running, some future plans to fit in with my 2019 goals which I mentioned on Instagram. The ones that are running related are:

❓ Lose another 2 stone to take my total weight lost to over 4 stone
❓ A sub-30 minute 5k or parkrun
❓ A 2h30m half marathon

And I'll finish with this video that I saw on Facebook.  I want to be ALL of these women when I grow up! 

The January Run Down : Running updates from January plus sharing the news that I'm now a bodytek ambassador