Tips on How to Avoid Misunderstandings in your Relationship

Tips on How to Avoid Misunderstandings in your Relationship | Typecast

Relationships can be tough when emotions are involved. Whether it's with your parents, siblings, friends, or significant other, an important relationship exists because there is love. What do you do though, when love seems to have taken a back burner when you're trying to communicate? Take things to the next level with these top tips on how to avoid misunderstanding in relationships.

Genuinely listen

Emotions are much easier felt than expressed in a healthy manner. Rather than merely hearing the words someone is saying, take a step back and try to listen to the feelings behind the words. "I have to do everything around here," very quickly becomes, "I am overwhelmed and need help." Perhaps the person struggles with asking for help. Responding with how can I help in a sincere tone can immediately fizzle out a fire within a relationship before it can even ignite. Try to hear past the tone, body gestures, and sometimes even the words so that you can truly hear what someone you love is trying to say.

Avoid the need to always be right

This one is difficult for all of us, especially when we know that we truly are right. More often than not, in relationships, "being right" isn't typically worth the cost. Rather than feeling like you HAVE to explain your thoughts on a subject, step back and listen to the other person. Genuinely hear what they are saying. Ask them questions. This response will naturally lead them to do the same for you. The point of an argument is never to win, only to better understand.

Set Your Expectations

If you are trying to avoid disagreements, it is a good idea to communicate with your friend, partner, or parent what you expect out of your relationship. Preconceived expectations can be the bullet in a loaded gun. It is crucial you honestly discuss with you partner on serious topics such as sex, marriage, kids, and money. By having a healthy conversation, you will be able to avoid additional confusion.

Take a break

As the old saying is told to never go to bed angry, sometimes it can lead to a happier, healthier relationship to take a step back before making a lunge forward. When things have escalated to the point where no one is in a position to truly listen, it is best to take a break from the conversation to find your calm. By taking a break when emotions are running high we allow ourselves time to process our own feelings and thoughts about a topic. Calmly express that you need to take some time and would like to discuss this later. After both parties have found their calm, the subject can be re-approached in a healthier manner that will lead to true resolutions.

It is never, ever you against them

Always remember that your significant other is your partner. It is not you against them, but you (as a couple) against the issue or problem. The true goal of discussing important matters is not to fight with your partner, but to reach a solution. Keeping this in mind during those heavy subjects will help you to reach the solution your relationship is truly desiring. Take those heated emotions and attack the problem, never each other.

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