Money Saving Ideas

Typecast : Money Saving Ideas : Bargains at the charity shop and using money-off vouchers to save money.

The green jacket I'm wearing in this photo remains one of my best ever bargains! I found it in a charity shop not far from work and it cost the grand sum of £1.50. I wore it to a conference I was speaking at and it's perfect for the summer and it's a colour that I know really suits me. 

Typecast : Money Saving Ideas : Bargains at the charity shop and using money-off vouchers to save money.

It's not often I treat myself at the moment though. Belts are being tightened more and more and I know that friends have occasionally considered a short term loan.  Research is key though and I would only recommend a reputable company such as

The most recommended site in my previous Money Saving Tips post was Quidco (a cash-back website) but I've also started checking voucher code websites (some even have a browser extension that does the job for you).  It doesn't matter where I am shopping online, I do a quick search to find active codes or deals and away I go. Free delivery for online supermarket shopping is a favourite of mine.

But one of the perks of being a blogger is being asked for your opinion about products that your family use.  I get sent cake and tea (more of that, please, if anyone is looking in...) and I've built up relationships with companies so that I can review items that are relevant to us as a family.  

Most recently though, I have received number of actual vouchers so that I can try out food (I know... it's a tough job, but someone has to do it).  I had saved a few up and my time at the checkout did feel a bit like I was being filmed for Extreme Couponing.  (As an aside, I'm seriously addicted to that programme - I can't believe how much money people save through "clipping coupons", their size of their stockpiles and how much they donate to charities such as homeless shelters.  We need to do more of that over here.) Anyway, since then, I've been scouring the newspapers and magazines for coupons to clip but there doesn't seem to be many about.  Am I missing something? How do I find them?  The newspapers and magazines used to be full of "housewives choice" type coupons but there's nothing now.  We've turned into a BOGOF nation which just encourages you to spend more to buy more stuff that you don't actually need.  

What has been your best bargain this year?