Why use a Himalayan salt lamp in your home

Salt lamps are lamps made of salt and they look stunning when lit. The colour of the salt is usually pink, grey, and white colour. When lit the light will travel through the salt to create a beautiful glow. People often feel more relaxed in the presence of a salt lamp.

Using a salt lamp is a great way of cleaning the air in your home, the salt attracts moisture and people will often find water on the salt or around the base. People believe that salt lamps create negative ions that react with dust, pollen, and dirt in the air. Many people with asthma or lung problems will use these lamps in their homes.

As these lamps are not too bright they make the perfect nightlight, it can help people sleep and feel more relaxed. These are also perfect if you have a toddler in the house and you are looking for a lamp that has a gentle glow.

How they are made

Salt lamps are mined in the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan. The salt is stored underground. The salt is extracted from the ground, the workers carefully hand-carved the salt and hollow the inside of the salt. These chunks of salt are usually exported and a lighting fixture is added later on.

Salt lamps can come in all different styles and shapes, you can purchase a salt lamps as a shape of a heart, flower, leaf, and much more. As each salt lamp is handcrafted each lamp will be one of a kind.

Using a salt lamp in the office

There are salt lamps that have a USB connection than can be easily plugged into your computer or laptop. Having these lamps on your desk will help reduce stress levels and bring a calm feel into your space. You can also purchase a salt lamp that changes colour which is mesmerising to watch.

Different sizes

Salt lamps are measured by its weight, the smallest lamp is usually around 1 Kg, and the largest lamp goes up to 50 Kg. The smallest lamp is perfect on the mantelpiece or on a table while the 50kg salt lamp is a more of a free-standing lamp and it is huge. Having a salt lamp in your home would make a lovely ornamental feature in your home.

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