Simple ways to make sure that you get paid when working online

Working online is a good way to earn money. The chances are there are millions of people out there who want the products and services you sell. Your client base is potentially huge, especially if you offer something like writing or design services. So, with a bit of time and effort earning an income online is often not that difficult. Most people who give it a go find that they can make a decent living, especially if they are working from home during a pandemic.

simple ways to make sure that you get paid when working online

Initially, finding well-paid work is tricky. But you soon get to know where to find good clients and provided you treat them well a lot of people will come back and use you repeatedly. Once you have found that work, you will of course need to make sure that you get paid as quickly as possible. 

Make it as easy as possible for the person to pay you

You need to ensure that it is easy for your clients to pay you for your service. The first step is to use something like this stripe accounting integration to get paid online. Using this tool is simple and easy to use online - you don’t even need a merchant account which means that once you have set it up you can collect payments straight away. It makes sense to use this to streamline your payment processes and to make sure nothing is ever missed.

Send your invoice immediately

Most of us have gotten into the habit of invoicing clients at the end of the week or month. That is usually what we have agreed with them. But there is no reason not to send your invoice early with a payment date that reflects the agreed timescales. When you do this, you will be surprised by how often you get paid early. Especially when you send the invoice almost immediately after you have sent the work. Clients tend to review the work and provided they like it think I will just get the task of paying the invoice out of the way, pull it up click the payment link and send you your money.

Be clear about what you are charging for

Make it clear what you are charging for. If they refer to an article as a post when ordering, use that term on the invoice. Include details like order numbers. Ask them what fields they want to be included on the invoice and set up a special template for them that reflects what they have asked for. This short article will help you to decide what to include.

Be sure to create legally compliant invoices

Also, make sure that you follow the regulations when creating your invoice. Here is an example of the kind of rules you may need to comply with.

Using the above approach will greatly improve your chances of actually being paid. However, occasionally someone will not pay you. If that happens, be sure to chase things up early and be prepared to use the authorities to secure payment.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash