How Do You Feel About DIY?

Typecast : How Do You Feel About DIY?
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During the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of us were restricted to staying at home. This left a lot of us completing random tasks, such as various cleaning tasks to cure our boredom. Furthermore, this meant that the vast majority of us were eager to try new things- regarding DIY, this could include tasks such as fixing broken items, creating new DIY projects around the house, etc. Usually, it would be assumed that older generations are much more confident in completing DIY tasks- this is false. The younger generation are certainly just as capable regarding DIY tasks and DIY knowhow. This article will discuss how different generations feel regarding DIY tasks and house work, and outline a few DIY home repair tips.

How Does Each Generation Feel About DIY Tasks and House Work?

According to a study by Chums, Generation Z and Millennials are just as confident as Generation X and Baby Boomers when it comes to carrying out certain DIY tasks around the house- therefore suggesting that it’s wrong to assume that older age groups are more confident in completing DIY tasks. This shared confidence can be due to various factors- one in particular is explored in Chums’ research, where Generation Z participants claimed they ‘will learn how to repair something’ if need be. This demonstrates the eagerness of the younger generation to try new things and learn new skills.

In terms of the trickier and more daunting tasks, (such as cleaning), both generations suggested that they are fairly confident. 72% of Generation X and Baby Boomers felt like they could confidently unblock a toilet, and 78.2% could remove bathroom mould. Meanwhile, Generation Z and Millennials proved to be just as confident, with 65.6% and 64.6% of these generations suggesting their confidence for these tasks. Other cleaning tasks in Chums’ study included removing carpet stains, polishing wooden floors, and removing sticker residue; both sets of generations had a majority vote of ‘confident’.

Top Home DIY Repair Tips

Ask your family and friends for help

If you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to ask your family and friendly for help. This can be extremely significant and beneficial- this can be supported in the research by Chums

Watch online videos if you’re stuck

There are various videos on the internet which can help you get to the stage you want to be. Try to find some step-by-step videos on YouTube which can help you complete your DIY repairs- if you’re still unsure, read the comment sections of these videos

Remember to keep a professional in mind

If you still can’t complete the task at hand, or you believe the task is too difficult or dangerous, it’s important to keep a professional in mind. Whether that be complicated electric work or a basic DIY task, if you’re unsure you’re unsure- speak to a professional

It is clear that all generations appear somewhat confident with completing certain DIY and cleaning tasks around the house. However, it is important to remember to turn to others for help if you’re unsure (e.g., ask family and friends, watch YouTube videos relating to your issue, ask a professional, etc.).