Starting A Bullet Journal - 3 Top Tips

I've been keeping a bullet journal for years now. At first, I didn't even know it was called a bullet journal - it was just a list of tasks that I needed to do, usually noted in my diary or written on sticky notes and stuck to the front of my planner. But then I watched Ryder Carroll's video and realised that this all-in-one system would make my To-Do Lists become Done-That Lists.

After reading today that 65% of people want to take time away from the Internet and their phones (statistic from research by Cartridge Save), and after more people have asked me how I use my bullet journal, I thought I'd update my original thoughts and provide a bullet journal starter kit.

Bullet Journals make To Do lists become "done that" lists. 3 top tips to get started [click to tweet]

Starting A Bullet Journal - 3 Top Tips - the bullet journal starter kit

1.  You don't have to start a bullet journal on 1st January

A bullet journal is a way to be more productive and create order where there is chaos. It simplifies and organises your tasks and shows you what still needs to be done.  All you need is a notebook and a pen to start one today.

2.  You can use any notebook that takes your fancy

By all means, buy the official Bullet Journal Leuchtturm 1917 but this is your notebook and your planning system. Use plain, lined or dot grid paper. Use anything from an A4 to a pocket size notebook... hell, have two or three bullet journals for different projects. My recent favourite notebooks have been from Paper-Oh and Hahnemule and I'll swap between an A5 hard-backed notebook and a pocket notebook depending on what I know I have got coming up over the next few weeks. I even have a bullet journal system in my Filofax and have used a bullet journal set-up in a travelers notebook.

3.  Step away from Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube for the time being

A bullet journal is your notebook and should be fluid. Jottings, mind-maps, doodling, lists, meeting notes, trackers... they all have a place in your bullet journal but it doesn't have to be picture perfect. Start by watching the original bullet journal video (below) and see how simple the process can be. Create your index page and future log, have a monthly task list that suits your needs and introduce collections as and when needed.

Has this got you inspired to start your bullet journal? 

Grab your notebook and pen and get started. 

Bullet Journals make To Do lists become "done that" lists. 3 top tips to get started [click to tweet]

My next blog post is a much longer and more detailed article about how I incorporate bullet journaling in my BOAT (Book Of All Things) for everyday planning.

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