Soundtrack To My Life - The First Songs I Remember

Soundtrack To My Life - The First Songs I Remember
For the third Soundtrack To My Life of the year, I thought I'd write about the first songs I remember. I've touched upon this in previous Listography themes but I haven't got as far back as where my music memories started.

I'm going to make no apologies for the era I was born in - that is sort of beyond my control - and my introduction to music stems from that era and the music that was played by the people around me.

Soundtrack To My Life - The First Songs I Remember - Bush Bakelite 1950s radio Weirdly, most of my music memories have connections to my Nana. She had a huge old 1950's Bush Bakalite radio on the dresser in the kitchen (Photo Credit : and whilst I have no knowledge of which radio station it was tuned into, it was always something she could sing along to, and encouraged me to do the same.

This selection is in no particular order but I must have loved the Brotherhood of Man song above all others because my Nana wrote the lyrics out for me to learn. She did this by recording the song from the radio or the television on a cassette recorder and then did that stop/start/rewind thing to work out all the words. The rest...? They just all remind me of a time before I started primary school - so pre-1977 - definitely before I started watching Top of the Pops and before I delved into my own parent's record collection. My appreciation of their music came at a much later date but I think that is because it always felt a bit more contemporary - these days I have no problem blasting this music out of my panasonic wireless speakers and I'm finding my own children are starting to appreciate it too.

I've included five of my earliest song memories.  You can tell me yours in the comments too. 

Brotherhood of Man - Kisses For Me

John Denver - Annie's Song

Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy

Showaddywaddy - Under The Moon Of Love

Leo Sayer - You Make Me Feel Like Dancing


Soundtrack To My Life - The First Songs I Remember
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