Derren Brown : The Events (pt 2)

The findings of an 18 year old:
(via text)

Rachel: did it wrk mum?
Me: no love we're watching strictly. gonna watch on +1. wt about u?
Rachel: no but me and beth are gonna watch it again and change seats

*waits for 1 hour*

Rachel: did jake get stuck? lol
Me: I can't answer you. Im stuck to the chair
Rachel: yea Or8 thn
Me: no it didn't work

The findings of a 10 yr old:

It didn't work. look i can stand up. they are all pretending. is that rachel texting? can i ring her to tell her? can we go and watch derren brown so I can shout out and tell him it's stupid. is it something on the chairs? why didn't it work mum? they're all lying. What if you're stuck to your seat in the morning... you'll be like that *mimes trying to get out of seat*. that boy who's ringing up is an actor isn't he? does he go to stage school? Can I have some supper?