Continuous Loop

Shorter version first published on The Huffington Post on Thursday 25th August 2011

Has anyone else noticed the Facebook "On this day in..." notifications to the right hand side of the screen (web version)?  Have a glance at the picture on the left and you can see what mine looked like a couple of days ago.

Strangely related and sort of interesting so I almost put as my Facebook status, "Well, on this day in 2009 I was submitting an OU assignment" because we do that, don't we?  We update our social networks with random observations but why repeat something from a couple of years ago?  Who else is going to be interested AGAIN?

Also, I saw that there is a Twitter account that is retweeting every single tweet from Twitter, in chronological order, from the beginning of "twime" (sorry...).  At the time of publication @wetreet was up to July 2006 and it's a whole different world.  

It really was micro-blogging back then with hardly any @replies.  I mentioned on my "I'm a Twitterholic" post that you used to be able to see everyone in the Twitter timeline and that's where a lot of my original followees came from.  Yes, it was quieter back then but it was also a lot less interactive.  It would be very strange to go back to that now although I do miss being able to see tweets from anyone and everyone.

Again, I thought about tweeting out about the @wetreet account but what happens when @wetreet gets round to retweeting that exact tweet from today.  Will the account self-combust?

Are we in danger of creating a social media Möbius Band?