Nails now looking "Filthy Gorgeous"

I may... just may have solved my "I can chip chip-proof nail varnish whilst I'm asleep" dilemma.  Do you remember my blog post entitled "Tough as Nails"?  Here's an excerpt:
I'm 36 hours into a new application of nail varnish. [..]   This pot of nail varnish promises up to five days of perfect nails and is supposedly chip-resistant.  I went to bed, slept for 6 hours, woke up and saw a slight chip in the corner of my ring finger  
I have a day in front of a computer - mainly typing, answering the phone, writing, washing the odd cup after a brew, buttering a piece of toast... the usual office-type activities.  It's not exactly manual labour.  I head for home noticing another couple of chips on two separate nails on my left hand.  I think to myself that I'll have to sort that our later. 
I go home, eat my tea (I don't prepare it - my husband has already done that). dry the pots after son #1 has washed them, watch some TV, read a book, open my laptop, go for a bath, wash my hair, get ready for bed, head downstairs for more laptop/TV time and a brew and notice that my nail varnish is now beyond touch-up repair.
(FFS, I sound a bit Nancy Dell'Olio, don't I?)

Scroll forward almost exactly one year and I'm still having the same problem.  I've even resorted to the occasional set of acrylics glued to my fingertips just so that I can have nice nails.  However, even they come with their own hazards and have been known to crack or ping off an inopportune moments.

But then I won a prize over at In The Powder Room for sharing my favourite joke (yes, yes, I'll tell it at the end...).  It was £150-worth of make-up which included three nail varnishes from Filthy Gorgeous.

Firstly, this isn't a review.  I'm writing this because I can.

I thought the colours were a bit bizarre but they're apparently the new summer colours - I'm so out of touch!  The hot pink is called "Tu Tu Much", the yellow is called "Glee" and the pale pink is called "M'Adam" (this one is quite clear and neutral). I tried them on and got some opinions from my Facebook crew *flicks fingers in a street way*.  They thought the yellow one was reminicent of highlighter pen and it does make me look like a 40-a-day smoker when I attempt to remove it but when I looked at the Filthy Gorgeous website it seems that I'm supposed to be painting my nails two-tone and the yellow is probably just that - a highlighter!  Well, I wasn't to know, was I?

So I've just used Tu Tu Much for the time being and I promise you that this is the varnish THREE DAYS down the line (at the time of publishing I'm on day 4).  The left hand shows no sign of wear and tear and the right hand shows a couple of chips but NOTHING like I've experienced before!  I'm all YIPPEE and "so this is what it's like to have nice nails for a while".

I would never make it as a hand model!

So I have decided that I want more interesting colours and found out that FG is stocked at Debenhams.  But £9 for a bottle of nail varnish?  I'm used to paying £1.50 from Avon or Rimmel ... oh, hang on... is that where I've been going wrong?  Do you really get what you pay for? But £9 is a couple of bottles of wine so I may have to have this nail varnish as a once-in-blue-moon treat.

Anyway, Filthy Gorgeous, I think I love you this much *does wide hands gesture* and I want your babies bottles of nail varnish.  Thanks for solving my nail varnish dilemma.

Oh yes, the joke...

Two women talking:
1st woman: "My husband brought me flowers last night."
2nd woman: "You're so lucky, my husband never does anything like that for me."
1st woman: "Oh, I have to go through a little ritual first."
2nd woman: "Go on!"
1st woman: "First of all I have to strip all my clothes off, then I have to dance naked around the bedroom, then I have to lie on the bed with my legs open."
2nd woman: "YOU DON'T HAVE A VASE??"

What?  Well I think it's funny!  *flicks a V-sign and watches the pretty nail varnish glisten