How many jackets...?

How many jackets does one take to an important event (It's like the start of that old "lightbulb" joke, isn't it?  See here for my own Twitter version of it)?  I ask because it now seems that I am known as "Three Coats O'Hara" within certain circles.  Let me try and explain.

This is my "smart jacket"
Sally was my official chauffeur offered to pick me up and drive to Blog Camp UK last Saturday (aka: Blogging about Blogging) and we had a pretty early start - 6am on the road.  I wore jeans, boots and a t-shirt and needed to take the following:

  • a black cardigan to travel in;
  • my smart jacket for during the day;
  • my big coat in case of emergencies.

Now, in my world, that's normal.  But not really normal according to everyone else.  Apparently, one jacket would have done the trick.  I DISAGREE.

It was a cold morning so I threw on my sloppy, comfy, black cardigan to keep the chill off my aging bones.    I also knew that we would be in the car for up to three hours (possibly more with Sally's sense of direction) so my smart jacket may have got creased and I don't do travelling in cars whilst wearing proper coats very well as it's restricting.  It was raining quite heavily and I'm the sort of person who keeps an emergency travel pack in the boot of my car in case I ever break down (this includes a hi-vis vest and probably says more about the sort of car that I drive rather than anything else) so I took my long coat that I could wear at the side of the road should we need to clamber out onto the hard shoulder of the motorway.  

Sensible, right?  Other Blog Campers didn't think so and all seemed to manage with just one jacket.  Madness!

As it was, I left my long coat and my sloppy cardigan in the car and ended up getting drenched in the downpour whilst walking back to the car park at the end of the day.  If I'd have had my long coat with me, that wouldn't have happened.  Just saying...

So, I ask, how many jackets do YOU normally take with you on a day out?

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