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soundtrack to my life
Soundtrack To My Life has been on a bit of a hiatus recently but I will  be starting it up again properly next week.

Recently I've downloaded a few old albums (Faith by George Michael, Blast by Holly Johnson and Mr Bad Guy by Freddie Mercury) because I only have them on cassette and I fancied revisiting them outside of YouTube.  Here's my favourite track from each album.

Heaven's Here, Holly Johnson, Blast 

Kissing A Fool, George Michael, Faith

Your Kind Of Lover, Freddie Mercury, Mr Bad Guy 

(seriously, if you have never heard this album then go and find it now)

I don't know about you but when I hear a song on the radio that is from an favourite old album, I automatically predict the song that would  have played next on the album.  I can't seen that happening much with the next generation because the availability of digital downloads means that you don't necessarily purchase a full album any more, only individual tracks that you like - or you purchase a full album and cherry pick your favourite tracks to upload onto your mp3 player or phone.

Does this mean that the traditional format of an album doesn't have a long future?  Are we all creating our own personal playlist or compilation album in the same way we used to make mixed tapes?

When I was at school I took mixed tapes one step further and used to write full letters only using lines from different songs.  It wasn't easy - it was painstaking.  I have no idea why I did it either because no-one ever understood it or even appreciated it.  Those of us of a certain age will remember having to stop.start.stop.start the music and write lyrics out by hand (more popular songs had the lyrics printed on a poster of the band in Smash Hits or, very occasionally, lyrics were printed on the sleeve of the record or on the cassette insert).  None of this Google lark!  Even then, nothing was completely accurate and after listening to those old favourites in clear, digital format it transpires I have been singing the wrong words to some of the songs for years!  

If you had the opportunity, what would be the albums that you'd want to revisit?


By the way, if you didn't catch the Peter Kay tour gig on Channel 4 a couple of weeks ago, you might appreciate this misheard song lyrics clip...


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