What's In My Handbag (Part 4)

My biggest achievement of this week is managing to acquire a Cybher satchel (it's ok, I know the boss *wink*).  It's one of the brand new 'Pod' bags from The Leather Satchel Co and in glorious neon!  And in true "What's In My Handbag" style I thought you'd like to see how I'm using it.

(there's almost a series of these on my blog now - I think I have a bit of a handbag problem)

In comparison to my everyday handbag (from Mia Tui) it's small so I panicked about how I was going to use it. But then I realised that it's going to be perfect for two reasons.  

For work, I use a very beautiful wheelie case (from Pink Lining) but small items rattle around the bottom of the case.  The Pod bag is ace for keeping them all together.  In here I've got my portable hard drive, a Flip camera, my work badge, a dongle (that word always makes me giggle like a child), a spare pen and a USB charger for my phone.

But it's also the perfect size to use for when I'm running walking taking part in the Race for Life on 26th June.  We will have to leave the car a fair way from the park so I'll need somewhere for my keys and my phone on the day.  If you're running, walking or spectating (in Blackburn) on that day and you are blinded by my bag, give me a shout and a wave! 

And here's the rest of the crap I carry around with me all the time in my Mia Tui bag:  Filofax, wallet, phone, tissues, touch-up make-up and mirror, deodorant, Vaseline lip therapy, a contact lens case, comb, umbrella, chewing gum, polos, spare pen drive, two sets of keys (home/car and work), spare pens, nail file.  

I wonder if I actually need to carry all that around with me (probably not) and how much it actually is worth?  I envy men who can fit everything into two pockets and women that carry the tiniest bag around with them.  

Do you carry a huge bag with you all the time or 
do you have any tips for me on trimming my handbag contents?

PS.  If you're buying from the Leather Satchel Co you can get £5 off using my affiliate code