#BESW14 - The British Gas Big Energy Saving Week

As mentioned previously on this blog, I live in an old, end-terrace house in the North of England. It's the sort of house that manages to retain heat in the summer and is freezing cold in the winter. If there was a way of harnessing that summer warmth and saving it for the winter, believe me, we'd be up for trying it out.  

Over the past few years we have taken advantage of Government-funded and regeneration schemes to help make our house more season-friendly but we occasionally have to resort to old-fashioned methods of keeping warm.

We have turned the thermostat down by one degree to save up to £75 per year and we all throw an extra layer of clothing on.  We can often be found huddling under one of my very special crochet blankets too (one in the lounge, one on each bed).  With the money we save we like to take a trip or two out to the beach, have a nice long walk with the dog and treat ourselves to the best fish and chips in Lancashire on the way back.

This week, Netmums are hosting a British Gas Big Energy Saving Week and are concentrating on a different area of the house each day, providing top tips on how to save money and energy in each corner of your home.  My favourite tip from today is to exchange the family desktop computer to a laptop which could save you up to £16 per year in electricity bills as new laptop models use around 85% less energy!

A while back, I crowd-sourced some top energy saving tips which you can find here (or click on the image below).  There are some amazing pointers in there especially about leaving equipment on standby and how to get your freezer to run more efficiently.  Let me know if you have any to add and what you will be doing this winter to save money on energy.

energy-saving tips

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