Linky's Dream - The BEST Monthly Stationery Box

Almost three months I've been waiting for my Linky's Dream stationery subscription box...THREE MONTHS. But it was so worth the wait.  I'm astounded at the goodies you get for the price and it's all wrapped up and put together so beautifully. Here's a little unboxing video that I made. 

This isn't a review - I first saw these stationery boxes on Anna Brim's YouTube channel - but I wanted to share with you how much thought goes into each box and how it's presented.  Leah from Linky's Dream hand-picks the items to go in your stationery box and sometimes does a bit of research to see what you like so the box is almost personalised. She only makes (I think) 200 of these boxes per month hence them selling out so quickly and everyone cramming for the advanced orders.  

Catch up with Leah here

PS... Leah's stationery box subscription is sold out until April 2015 but there's plenty more for sale on her website. She's having a (well deserved) month off but keep an eye out for the subscription service starting again too if you don't want to miss out!

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PPS... Here's a quick run down of the contents:
Pilot "B2P Soda" pen (made from an old plastic bottle), a four-colour Bic, a green biro with "Actually, in fact, I don't really care" written on the side, a silver wand shaped biro, a fun little star-shaped wand which I guess the grandchildren are going to take ownership of, 2 rolls of decorative washi tape, heart-shaped stickers, four packs of sticky notes (various styles), a Martha Stewart magnetic "To Do" note pad, a highlighter pen in the shape of a nail varnish bottle, 2 x "Culture Vulture" sheets, a personal sized Filofax dashboard/page marker with handbags and shoes printed on it, a Vogue postcard, a couple of Smashbook-style inserts with quotes, a batch of scrapbooking papers, a sheet of hole reinforcements, a cloud-shaped eraser, some Filofax/notebook page markers, decorative paperclips and plenty of pompoms, confetti and glitter for the arts & craft box. Oh and some sweets!