Sun Bingo's Having A Ball is BACK!

Back in my childhood (oh, so long ago), I remember my Nana playing Sun Bingo with numbers in the newspaper. If she knew I was due to visit she would save the numbers for me to cross off her weekly card. We never won anything but she introduced me to that "I just need one more number" thrill! 

Sun Bingo, Having A Ball, Brian Dowling, Rustie Lee, Jean Martyn
Sun Bingo has moved forward into the digital era now and their Having A Ball show is available live online each Thursday from 7pm with Brian Dowling returning to host the play-along show. 

I've partnered with Sun Bingo to bring you a recap of each live show, celebrity interviews, some behind the scenes secrets and a teaser for next week's show. I'll also have a bit of a giveaway for you in a couple of weeks so watch out for that. 

The format of the live show is produced in three 30-minute slots of chat/bingo play with a host/chat. The chat sections are with studio regulars Rustie Lee and Jean Martyn and a celebrity guest and feature some "players news", information and updates about games available on the Sun Bingo website and a few daft (but engagingly funny) show segments including weekly World Record attempts and lots of player and viewer interaction.  If you loved Saturday morning television as a child, this is your adult version.

My favourite section of the show this week was 'Rustie's Ratings' which tested and rated some of those "Life Hacks" you see all over the internet. The absolute best one was a demonstration of how to open those hard plastic sealed packets (usually containing sharp objects or children's toys) with a tin opener. Just genius! 

Over the next few weeks each live show will air every Thursday at 7pm and there will be a Christmas special on Boxing Day.  As the show and the games are membership only you do need to register with Sun Bingo and deposit £10 into your player's account before you can access the live show, the online games and additional features. However there are plenty of opportunities to win a tonne of prizes during each show including a brand new iPhone 6, Sun Bingo merchandise, shop vouchers and money into your player account. 

Of course, this is an entertainment show connected to gambling and the show's presenters provide regular reminders of gameplay awareness and competition terms and conditions which is hugely important. 

Next week's show is the Hallowe'en Show. Who is joining me?  

Sun Bingo, Having A Ball, Brian Dowling, Rustie Lee, Jean Martyn

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