Things I Learnt In July

postcard, barbados
It takes about two days for a postcard to travel from Barbados to the UK.  Impressive!! Thanks to Tanya for my pretty special message in the post.

If I held a fancy dress party and took pictures of all the guests, I'd still have more look-a-likes than this agency (h/t to Popbitch).  My favourites change on an almost hourly basis but today they have to be Katie Price, Hugh Jackson and the fact that there's an "Ant" listed but no "Dec".

Us commuters relish the last couple of weeks of July because there's no school traffic on the roads. We get fairly complacent during August and then somewhere around the 3rd or 4th of September we wonder where all the traffic has come from...

The word "Bronde" can completely and utterly knob off. 

When you mention to Buzzfeed and one of their staffers that a particular recent article looks awfully like one of yours from a couple of weeks ago, they go very, very quiet and don't acknowledge your tweet.

rick astley, pencils, stationery, etsy,Rowntrees will send you hush money a £1 voucher when you jokingly mention to on social media that you're a bit shocked that most of the wine gums in the packet are yellow.

I absolutely need these pencils.  They might be expensive but at least they're never going to let me down *badum-tish*

Freddie was God. His solo albums still rock.  I've been revisiting Mr Bad Guy and The Great Pretender this week on YouTube.

You could never, ever make a modern version of The Breakfast Club because everyone would just be on their phones, taking selfies, twatting about on Snapchat or playing that stupid pirate game that's so popular at the moment.

Do NOT miscalculate a running route when you're trying to achieve a personal goal (5K in under 35 minutes) because you'll be really, REALLY pissed off with yourself when you realise that the distance you actually ran should have been 3/10 of a mile further.

Every time I see the Samsung Galaxy s6 advert with Rita Ora I think it's my low battery alert bleeping. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! 

You can win Leeds Festival Tickets and wellington boots kit worth £700 with Hunters Wellies. Find out all the details here. In fact, it's so easy to enter as all you have to do is provide your name, email address and telephone number and a winner will be picked at random. There's also another opportunity to win by sharing your favourite festival story so what are you waiting for? (competition hosted by Mainline Menswear)

Now it's your turn. Tell me what YOU have learnt this week!