Newsflash... you don't have to wear all the make-up because people don't notice it!

Yesterday I ran out of things to watch on YouTube so headed on over to the 'Recommended' section and spotted a Zoella video which saw her challenge her boyfriend to apply her make-up.  I started watching (don't judge me just yet).

(Side note: Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, is the 'It Girl' of YouTube. She's the bench mark for apparent success and the role model for many a tween and teen who are into YouTube. Her boyfriend of a couple of years is another popular UK YouTuber personality, Alfie Deyes, aka PointlessBlog)

On her channel, Zoe Sugg has countless Get Ready With Me (GRWM) style videos which are basic make-up, fashion and styling tutorials so you can all achieve the "Zoella look". Hell, she's even launched her own make-up and beauty product range but that's all part of the 'branding' she's now achieved. Anyway... there's a number of interesting points in this video that are worth noting.  Here's the video in question so you can watch whilst you read along.

Alfie has to search for a picture on Google of Zoe wearing make-up so that he can attempt to copy the look.
Zoe *shocked face* : I wear it every day
Alfie : But I don't look properly, do I?
Zoe attempts to coach Alfie slightly as to what products are needed whilst he looks bewilderingly at the photo on his phone.  She then hands him her huge make-up bag (which I actually want as it says "WAR PAINT" on the side) and he dives in. There's a fair bit of shade thrown here, there and everywhere by Zoe because Alfie doesn't know exactly what type of product he is using and the way in which it should be applied but he gets off to a good start with foundation and concealer. He then applies a bit of common sense because he uses products which appear to have been well-used. It's also very cute when he realises that applying make-up to one side of the face is easier than applying it to the other and his knowledge of cat-flick eye liner and contouring sucky-face is very endearing. 
Zoe: So we've had bronzer [..] So that's all you want to put on on my cheeks?
Alfie *stares intently at Zoe's face for a couple of seconds* Yeah, what else have you got?
Zoe : Blusher, contour and highlight
Alfie : They're all the same, they're all the same
At the end, Zoe has a closer look and appears to be surprised at what a good job Alfie did on her make-up however, there's a bit of an issue with the eyeshadow...
Zoe : You didn't really do much eyeshadow. You could have really gone to town. [..] I'm just a bit disappointed with the eyes.
Alfie : They're my favourite bit.
Zoe : I can't get over how small my eyes look. It literally looks like you've not put anything on my eyes. 
Alfie : I have. I've put loads on!
Zoe : You didn't.
Alfie : I did. I put so much on.

So what am I asking you to take away from this? 

Over the past couple of years I've written about body confidence, my own battle with an un-made-up face and the way in which the media decide what is or isn't acceptable to look at. Whilst Zoella keeps her public (YouTube) image very 'clean' and she talks openly about her mental health, she is rarely seen without make-up or dressed down. Now, this can be taken both ways; 1. it's important to be proud of your image especially when you are a public figure or 2. your perception of your face in this world is totally different to how others see you.  

Maybe Alfie is entering that 'comfortable' period in his relationship with Zoe where he knows that it's not all about looks but more about the person and who they are to you, hence his lack of understanding about Zoe's obsession with the amount of make-up she feels as though she needs to put on her face.  This also says a lot about how Zoe feels about herself (her lack of self-confidence is well documented on her YouTube channels and her blog) regardless of how she appears in front of the camera - speaking from experience, it's a totally different feeling speaking to a camera lens than it is to a room full of people, and I'm a confident person. 

But, as the title says (and this is the TL;DR bit for you), I think Alfie has hit the nail on the head here. Generally, people don't look at the make-up you're wearing, or the amount of contouring you have (and are even less bothered about the time invested in that process), or even the outfit you are wearing.  Can you remember what your partner or your work colleague wore yesterday? No, me neither! So girls... from someone as old as the hills (me) and someone who is the boyfriend to the most popular person in the UK (Alfie), you don't have to wear all the make-up because there's a possibility that other people don't notice it. Concentrate on being the best YOU you can be!

Be the best YOU you can be