I Need Help With This Brandscape Cryptic Puzzle!!

Brandscape — the fiendishly difficult cryptic puzzle by Funding Circle

Do not blame me if this cryptic puzzle becomes the bane of your life but I'm slightly addicted and may be requesting some help with the clues - so it's just a bit of a head's up... 

In the image above from Funding Circle are 60 globally recognised brands in picture clue format.  Some are incredibly simple and some are so frustratingly hard that you'll need to ask for help from friends.  You'll have to think about film, literature, music, nature and - probably most importantly - a play on words.


You can save your progress on the official Funding Circle website by logging in with your Facebook account but if you're stuck on any of the clues then tweet @FundingCircleUK and see if they'll send you an extra clue (you can also share it with me then too...).  Once you've answered all 60 correctly, you'll be entered into the Brandscape Hall Of Fame and become a #BrandscapeMaster.

Right... I've found Burger King (clue #49).  Share one of yours with me in the comments or tweet me @nickieohara with your answers.


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