Anyone For Office Yoga?

Anyone For Office Yoga?

It was literally just this afternoon that I walked into the office kitchen, stretched up to try and release a crick in my back and told my colleague that I needed to sit down less at work. I think her exact words were, "Good luck with that!" as we both have desk jobs.

So I had a nosy round YouTube in my lunch break to find some exercises that I could possibly do with five minutes to spare.  Now, I know this is a serious(ish) video with all good intentions but I don't think we have the correct furniture at work to try this out! If I attempted position 8 on one of our chairs, I would probably fall off or one of my colleagues wouldl send me whizzing across the office as the chairs are on wheels!  

In all seriousness, I'd love to try yoga. I'm sure it would help with my flexibility, my posture and definitely my running. I always remember my mum having a book which demonstrated yoga poses - it was very 70s but I'm sure nothing has changed much - so I'm going to try some of the basic poses in the infographic below and then see if there's anything else on YouTube I can try out too. Either that, or I'll just wait for Liska to point me in the direction of the beginners poses!

Let me know if you do yoga at all - or if there are any other exercises you do at work to help relieve those general day-to-day aches and pains.

Anyone For Office Yoga? Furniture At Work - infographic


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