The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2016

One of our neighbours put up her Christmas lights last week (yes, really) so I thought it was time to start pulling my annual Christmas wishlist Gift Guide together. I've got everything from the unusual to the Secret Santa so let's make a start... 

Useful Gifts You Never Thought Of

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2016 - Useful Gifts You Never Thought Of

I've been working with The Woodland Trust for over a year now and their family membership package is a  great family gift. You receive a a whole host of interactive information, a tree dedication for the family and children get their own activity pack each season. Find out more here.

If you know someone who is a fan of scented candles then an aromatherapy kit from Essence of Arcadia would be an great gift package.  I reviewed them earlier this year and still love experimenting with recipes and using recommendations to help create the right mood.  Buy here.

If you've got a Snapchat addict in the house, you'll make their life so much easier with an Adonit Snap stylus. You pair it with your phone or tablet via bluetooth, can use it to take selfies then add stylised text with the 1.9mm Pixelpoint tip - you can even write messages in iMessenger or use it to play games. There's also a magnetic strip which you can attach to your phone to carry the stylus.  Buy on Amazon here [RRP £34.99]

When purchasing my Malden earlier this year, I noticed that Filofax sell so much more than leather organisers now. Their tablet case range is full of surprises and I'm sure you can find a style to suit your recipient. Buy here.

For The Stationery Lover

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2016 - For The Stationery Lover

This year, I've spent a lot of time trying to find a diary that fits my needs. I've switch out from a Travellers Notebook to a bullet journal to a Filofax and into a leather notebook but I wrote an article that made me realise I was probably overthinking the whole planning process and I just need a date-book. Hope House Press personalise all their diaries and leather notebooks and have recently introduced a horizontal layout in their personal size. Perfect! Buy here [RRP from £52]

If you love bullet journalling then take a look at the themed Moleskine notebooks this year. I am In LOVE with the Beatles ones and using the elastic as a 'straw' for the Coca Cola images is pure genius! You could team it with the Derwent Line Maker set from Buy the notebooks here and buy the pens here

Whoever I get as my Secret Santa this year will be the lucky recipient of the unbelievably awesome 'Shit Happens' colouring book by James Alexander and a set of Profanity Pencils from the East London Pencil Co.  Buy the book here [RRP £6.99] (and subscribe for free printables) and buy the pencils here [RRP £7.99].

Practical Gifts For Hard To Buy People

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2016 - Practical Gifts For Hart To Buy For People

There is nothing better than finding a handbag that perfectly suits your needs and I've championed Mia Tui bags for a long time. They've recently launched a brand new make-up bag which organises all your cosmetics. Buy here - 2 for £20 code is MU20

Know someone who loves nail varnish? How about matching their polish to their birthstone? Avon have brought out a range called Birthstone Pro+ and I've tried this out - it's a really hard-wearing polish that has a strong colour. Buy online here or see your Avon Representative [RRP £6.00].

The Derwent Carry All is marketed as the ultimate pencil storage solution however with the easy access and removable leaves. mesh pocket and additional space I thought it would be ideal for storing craft items - especially crochet hooks, patterns and even a couple of balls of yarn for that WIP (work in progress). Great for travelling too! Buy here [RRP £22.50].

What do you think of my suggestions? 

Have I helped tick off something on your To-Buy list?