Netflix Canada Has Some Great New Productions To Watch!

Hot New Picks on Netflix Canada

Notwithstanding what “Netflix and chill” has come to mean in some circles, the idea of curling up with some great movies and shows for a whole weekend or after a rough day at work is a really appealing one. As Netflix has expanded, the company has started investing seriously in original shows, and also airs some old gems on all ranges of topics. Their shows cover just about everything, from money, the madness that it brings and what people will do to get rich, to addiction, mental disorders, superheroes and ordinary people trying to get through the day. The brand has become renowned for its diversity and the fact that it constantly breaks the mould, challenges the norm and delivers viewing that’s unparalleled. 

Of course it’s the new shows that get us really excited too, so we’ve rounded up the top 5 that have just made their debut.  And don't forget that you can still watch these anywhere in the world by ensuring you use the best vpn for Netflix.


Arrival premiered on Netflix Canada on the 28th of July 2017. It’s perfect when you’re in a sci-fi mood, though it does cut quite close to home, so be warned for some shocking twists and turns. It’s a real thinking viewer’s take on what would (or will) happen if (or when) we are in contact with intelligent life forms from other planets. Exclusive to Netflix Canada, Arrival has an impressive cast that includes Forest Whitaker. Amy Adams does a star turn as a linguist who is tasked with finding a way to communicate with aliens who have landed on earth. She uncovers a very important connection with the extra-terrestrial visitors as she works to unlock the secrets to their language – but what is the message they are bringing?

City of Tiny Lights

To watch different types of worlds collide, check out City of Tiny Lights, which has been available on Netflix Canada since the 26th of July 2017. Riz Ahmed plays Tommy Akhter, a burned-out detective who lives in a moody and somewhat bleak London, a city of tiny lights indeed. Tommy is working through his own issues, but is drawn into a world of corruption when he starts to investigate the disappearance of a sex worker, played by Billie Piper. It’s an original British story, set in the London of today and centred on a Pakistani detective who lives in a stylishly gritty version of the city, and it’s already gotten some great reviews.

Coffee Shop

Feel like lifting the mood with a little lighter romance after City of Tiny Lights? Coffee Shop should perk you right up. In this series Laura Vandervoort sparkles as a small-town coffee shop owner. She has the same financial and romantic headaches that many of us will recognise, and slowly and stubbornly stumbles to the realisation that she can’t actually do everything all on her own. Her love interest is a tea-loving writer from the bright lights of big-city New York, played with real charm by Cory M. Grant. Will they blend together and brew up something perfect? Coffee Shop premiered on Netflix Canada on the 26th of July 2017, so you can watch right now to find out!

How Most Things Work

How Most Things Work is an Argentinian drama that aired on the 27th of July 2017. It’s full of heart and subtle humour, and fits the bill for something quirky that is not so far off the beaten track that it becomes challenging to watch. It’s a good choice when you want to veg out but not feel like your brain is totally switched off. The movie follows Celine, a young woman living in Argentina and working as a tollbooth operator. She becomes a travelling salesperson of an encyclopaedia that is supposed to solve all of life’s questions, and ends up asking a lot of her own.

The Incredible Jessica James

The Incredible Jessica James focuses on Jessica, a feisty playwright from New York City. Having had a really bad breakup, she goes on a blind date with an app designer who is divorced. Her career is also struggling, with enough rejection letters in her apartment to paper the walls. But Jessica is smart and funny, and this show proves that you just can’t keep a good woman down. Forming a good, if unexpected connection, with Mr Blind Date App Designer, her adventures are only just beginning! The Netflix Original movie has been available since the 28th of July 2017 and is definitely worth a watch.

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