What Have Some of the Latest Health Studies Discovered?

What Have Some of the Latest Health Studies Discovered?

Every day it seems a new health study is published claiming one item of food or drink can cause cancer, while another could help prevent it. As technology has advanced, many of these studies are backed up by more substantial evidence than before, meaning it can be worthwhile to pay more attention to them. These are four of the latest health studies to come out in early 2018 that cover a variety of common health issues.

Positive Impacts of Vaping

Government health officials have ruled that e-cigarettes should be available on the NHS on the back of the Public Health England’s first ever review into the science of vaping. The report concludes that health professionals should go much further in encouraging smokers to vape as a healthy alternative to smoking. While it doesn’t go as far as claiming e-cigarettes should be prescribed, it did find that the likes of a VIP electronic cigarette or any other such model only offer five per cent of the harm of actual cigarettes.

Acidic Drinks are Bad for Teeth

Plenty of studies and basic science have pointed out how damaging sugar can be to our teeth. One of the latest investigations by scientists from King’s College London focused on acidic drinks such as fruit teas and flavoured water. Perhaps unsurprisingly it discovered that drinking these between meals and savouring them could increase the risk of tooth erosion from acid. Continuous sipping and holding such drinks in the mouth before swallowing was seen as the main cause.

Depression and Birth Control

Over 30 years of research was studied and compiled at the Ohio State University into the link between progestin-only birth control methods and depression. These birth control methods include the ‘mini’ birth control pill and an implant, for example. Led by Dr Brett Worly, it found that there was no correlation between the two, highlighting the safety of such methods and suggesting that any negative effects may be down to an individual basis.

Yogurt is Good for the Heart

Finally, for all you yogurt lovers out there, here’s some good news. A study published in the American Journal of Hypertension discovered that an increased consumption of yogurt could reduce high blood pressure and the chance of heart disease. Women who had two or more servings of yogurt a week were 30 per cent less likely to experience a heart attack. It’s not advising eating three tubs a day though, as that could possibly have the opposite effect.

New studies into our health are constantly going on, so it’s always worth checking the news for the latest health advice and information.