Choosing A Diary For Next Year

It's round about now that I start wading through the bajillion choices that I have available for next year's diary.  

Last year I was all over the leather diary from Hope House Press and this year I was about to update my Filofax/Bullet Journal set up but then I received an email from Jofelo asking me if I wanted to have a look at some of their leather journals.

Leather journals can always seem like an expensive option when choosing a diary but you are paying for quality and for the leather to patina and become even more unique with use.  It's one of the reasons that I love my Malden Filofax and my Fossil Sydney Satchel handbag - they are both getting better with age. Also, journals are to be used for creativity and to hold your thoughts, plans and dreams. You want to own something that's going to 'grow' with you.

Choosing A Diary For Next Year - the Trekker travellers notebook from Jofelo

I've decided that the Jofelo journal that I'm going to use as my diary for next year is the "Trekker". It's a travellers notebook style journal which is a very portable at 4.75 inches x 8.5 inches and comes with four notebooks.  Three are bound into the journal (one unlined, one lined and one kraft paper - all 80gsm) with a spare unlined white refill. 

The Trekker takes on the form of a traditional travellers notebook with one elastic and one extender, hence being able to hold three notebooks.  There is also a slim leather bookmark with a circular metal token on the end.  The whole journal held closed by a single elastic strap with a protective leather tab attached.

Also, I will be ordering a diary system from The Journal Shop this year and I'm currently browsing the choices.  I'm torn between the weekly vertical system and the week + notes system, especially as I plan to have a notebook in my journal anyway!  

Choosing A Diary For Next Year - the Unwritten Journal leather notebook from Jofelo

As soon as I visited the Jofelo website I spotted their "Unwritten Journey" journal.  It's a hefty journal measuring 5.5 inches x 7.5 inches and it comes with five blank notebook (a total of 300 pages of white, unlined, 120gsm paper) but I thought that each notebook could be used for a different purpose.  The journal cover itself is made from a dark brown, full grain, horse leather that is 2mm thick giving it extra durability.

Now, the notebooks come already bound into the cover using an intricate criss-cross bounding technique.  I haven't attempted to remove any of the notebooks to replace them but I'm sure it's pretty logical to be able to bind them back in again.  The journal also incorporates a pen loop inside the cover and a single strap of leather as a bookmark and a double-lock strap fastening for added security.

What are you going to use for next year's diary? Are you still using a paper system or have you completely converted to digital calendars?  I do mix the two but, as I've said on a number of occasions, if it's not written down, it's probably not going to happen.

Disclaimer : I was provided with the two journals mentioned in this review however my views and ideas are my own.  Thank you to Jofelo for approaching me and working with me.