Can Your Company Exist Only Online?

Online Businesses vs. Offline Visibility

A huge number of modern businesses only exist online. The business attracts customers online; you communicate with customers online; you use advertising and promotional strategies designed for the online world only; payments are processed online via Paypal and similar services-- it’s possible to run an entire business without the company ever truly existing offline at all.

However, that doesn’t mean you should.

Businesses Should Exist Both On and Offline

The above might seem like an odd statement. Why does a business that deals with online needs -- such as a business that provides digital market services, or a dropshipping retailer -- even need to be visible offline? Surely, for online businesses, the only visibility that truly matters is that which comes from online sources?

This isn’t true. A business is a business; how it conducts its business is largely completely irrelevant when it comes to visibility. If you want customers, then yes you should advertise yourself online, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the potentially lucrative local customers-- customers who, if you’re too focused online, might not even know your business exists.

The Inherent Problem With Online-Only Strategies

Online Businesses vs. Offline Visibility

If your business only exists online then you can rely on link building to help gain credence and companies like Rex Originals can help here. Any business owner with a little experience beneath their belt will understand the need for good marketing and advertising; you’ll know how you need to bring customers to your site. You can even use digital currency ( to trade in new circles.

The problem with online advertising is simple: we, the general populace, are becoming immune to it, as observe. People don’t see banner ads anymore, and more and more people are turning to adblockers for everyday usage. It’s easy for customers to ignore online advertisers.

In contrast, it is exceptionally difficult for offline marketing to be ignored. If you invest in a billboard, people are going to see it, because they can’t not. It’s right there, unmissable. The same applies if you head out onto the streets or trade shows to promote your business; your banner is impossible to avoid - people would literally have to be walking around with their eyes shut to be able to block out your advertising.

The Smaller Scope (But Bigger Rewards)

Many business owners (like estate agencies for example, are resistant to the idea of offline advertising because of the target group. “Why,” they reason, “should I invest in something only a small group of people are going to see? When I advertise online, I can advertise to the entire world…”

That’s true, but again, how many people in the entire world are going to see it? How many people is your company truly going to be relevant to?

There is a smaller scope when you advertise and promote your business offline, but the unavoidable nature of offline advertising means you should see a better ROI. So even if your business exists almost entirely online, it’s important that you explore advertising and marketing that exists both in the digital world and the real world. Cover all the bases, and you could soon begin to see more success from marketing campaigns, allowing your business to grow beyond your wildest dreams.