Are We Too Over-Stimulated?

Photo credit: Carl Heyerdahl

I'm guilty of trying to create *ALL* the content.  Social media and blogging fell into line with each other about ten or twelve years ago.  I was already a heavy user of Twitter and met most of my blogging peers on there. We were considered geeks at the time but basic social media was a great way to have conversations and find links to interesting articles.  Now social media has become mainstream and really is the main stream of everyone's lives. It feels like every single person is sharing every single moment, or has an opinion that has to be shared RIGHT NOW. 

Where does it all stop? 

I'm a busy person and I like it that way. I work full time, I run three or four times a week, I have a radio show at weekends and I still write this blog occasionally. I'm a social media scroller and guilty of occasionally being a social media over-sharer.  But I feel like I'm becoming too invested in other people's lives even though I also want all those other people to be interested in me.

Does every thought need to be out there and validated? 

Sometimes I feel like I'm living my life constantly on catch-up.  There's incredible television shows on every night of the week, box-set recommendations on Netflix, podcasts to listen to, Instagram stories to watch, blog posts to read, YouTube channels that I'm subscribed, books going unread. My head feels like it's about to explode because there simply aren't enough hours in the day to enjoy all the good stuff.

I need to detox and streamline my entertainment.

I've downloaded zillions of books to my Kindle and need to get back into a proper routine of reading for pleasure again, like I do when I'm on holiday.  I also want to pick up my crochet needle again and start a new project. I've unclogged some of my social media feeds by leaving Facebook groups and unliking pages that aren't relevant any more and I'm also removing programmes from my Netflix "List" as soon as I've watched them. 

I know the real answer is to switch off completely (*twitch*) but we now live in a world where everything is easily accessible online. I just think it's too easy to become encompassed by that online world and we need to refresh every so often. 

I'll let you know how I get on.
Watch out for a social media update.
Just kidding!
Sort of...