Enlarge your living space with a retractable roof

We’ve all been there… wishing that we could enjoy our garden or patio space without worrying about rain, wind or too much sun (for those short weeks of summer). I mean, we wouldn’t be British if we didn’t say something about the weather, right? Too much sun, not enough sun, too much rain, not enough rain… It’s only normal but a woman can wish.

I don’t have a big garden but it’s still a garden that I would like to use more often if the weather permitted. I dream about having garden parties all-year-round where I’m dancing with my family, my sipping on my favourite drink while listening to Anastasia’s Outta Love. Sounds like the perfect dream to me, just wish it could turn into reality.

This is where a retractable roof comes into play! Retractable louvred roofs from Designer Shade Solutions are modern roof solutions to both extend your living space and take advantage of your outdoor area all-year-round. They have standalone structures that can be installed in the middle of your garden as a centre piece and other structures that can be attached to your home.

These are similar to pergolas but simply their modern alternative. As this article on Boo Roo And Tiger Too mentions, “the traditional pergola definitely isn’t practical in England as their lattice roof gives zero protection against rain.” This way, you get the aesthetics of a pergola plus, the functionality of a modern retractable louvred roof.

Country Heart and Home also published a recent blog post about these modern pergolas, where it was highlighted the retractable and tilting feature. “So, if it’s sunny the roof can be opened, when it gets too sunny and you want some shade, the roof can be tilted, and if the weather quickly changes, the roof can be easily closed.”

What do you think of these retractable roof pergolas?

This article was written by Carolina Neves, leading copywriter at Advertising Lab.