How To Keep Your Driving Skills Sharp After Passing Your Test

Photo by Roger Bradshaw on Unsplash

Just passed your driving test? Don’t worry if you haven’t got the cash to go out and buy your own car straight away; many people wait a while before they finally get on the road after getting their full licence. However, the last thing that you want is to forget half the things that you learned during your driving lessons once you finally get your own wheels and start driving. So, what can you do to keep your skills sharp? 

Occasional Driver

What is an occasional driver? An occasional driver is someone family or friend that will only drive the car occasionally, example a student home from University or Family member visiting over the Christmas and new year period . In this scenario you may just wish to add the driver for one week or even two weeks and choosing temporary additional driver insurance may be the best solution.

Temporary Insurance

If you have a friend, family member, parent or partner who is happy to let you drive their car, consider getting temporary insurance for new drivers so that you can safely and legally drive until you are able to get your own vehicle. Temporary insurance for new drivers can be purchased for various lengths of time and is cheaper than getting an entire year’s policy if you are planning to get your own car in a couple of weeks or months. 

Named Driver

Being added to somebody’s insurance policy as a named driver means that you are free to drive their car whenever you like for as long as the policy runs. You are covered by their insurance company if you get into an accident or if any damage is caused to the vehicle while you are in charge of it. Typically, if you have just passed your driving test, being added to somebody’s insurance policy as a named driver will usually mean that their insurance cover price goes up quite a lot, depending on how much experience they have as a driver and if they have any no-claims discount. 

Pass Plus

If you are not feeling very confident yet about getting your own car and getting out on the road, taking the Pass Plus course might help. You can usually go back to the same driving instructor that you learned to drive with as most offer this as a service, although there’s nothing stopping you from going with a different driving instructor this time if you like. The Pass Plus will help you get to grips with more advanced driving techniques and motorway driving which may have only been touched on during your lessons. And, even better - once you have Pass Plus behind your belt, you might be able to get cheaper insurance once you get your own car. 

Refresher Lessons

If it has been some time since passing your test and you’re about to get back on the road again in your own car, you might want to speak to your driving instructor about getting some additional lessons. During these lessons, you can practice anything that you feel you have forgotten or aren’t as confident about until you feel ready to get back behind the wheel. 

Many people pass their test, but then wait a while before getting their own car. If you’re worried that your skills might not be as sharp by the time you get your own vehicle, there are several things you can do to keep on practising.