Great Gifts For Hard-To-Buy Guys

This year has been a funny one. It seemed to go from New Year, to Lockdown, then Uncertainty, Confusion and soon it’ll be Christmas. You probably still feel like it’s March, but Christmas is much closer than we’d like to think, and it's perhaps time to start thinking about it. Every year, when we sit down and write gift lists for our families and friends, there’s typically one person that we just don’t know what to buy. It’s often the same person, and it’s almost certainly a man

Photo by Jonathan Meyer on Unsplash

Perhaps it’s that men want less, or that they buy themselves the things that they want, without waiting for someone to gift them. But it doesn’t make it easier on the person doing their present shopping on Christmas eve, with no idea of what they are looking for. 

But, even with these hard to shop for guys, there are a few things that generally you can’t go wrong with. Apologies in advance if you do buy one, and it is wrong. But the odds are good. 

There are some men out there with shoe racks to rival any woman, but they seem to be in the minority. If your husband, partner, dad or grandad has two pairs of shoes that cover all occasions and weather conditions that they’ve had since 1994, they won’t be alone. 

Men need shoes; they just don’t seem to want to buy them. Could there be anything more classic than a pair of Versace shoes, as seen on A luxury retailer with a huge selection of classic and contemporary menswear designs, SSENSE also features independent designers, with plenty of options for gifting.

Socks, let’s face it, are perhaps the perfect gift for anyone. We all need socks, but no one wants to spend their own money on such a boring essential. And, they are cheap, so if you do get it wrong, it doesn’t really matter. 
A Subscription

Subscriptions are a fantastic gift. They keep coming all year round, reminding the recipient of how much you like them at regular intervals throughout the year. They are also a great way to try new things or to indulge in something that you love. 

The best thing about subscriptions is that nowadays, the options are endless. You can still opt for a classic, like a subscription to their favorite magazine, or an unlimited pass to the cinema. Or, you can be bold and buy them a craft beer, or cheese subscription. Whatever they love, whatever their hobbies, there’s bound to be something that you can subscribe to them too. 

Just remember only to purchase a 12-month deal, or if that’s not possible, to cancel the payment. Otherwise, you’ll be buying them the same thing forever. Although, maybe that isn’t a bad thing?
A Bag

Man bags are cool now. There’s really no need for him to try to force keys, wallet and phone into his pockets. But you might need to buy him one, so that he can fully appreciate its value if he’s a little resistant. 

Of course, you could just ask them what they want, but chances are you’ll get the dreaded (and completely untrue) “oh you don’t have to get me anything” which has never been particularly helpful. Better to play it safe with one of these options.