Best podcasts for disabled people

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Living with a disability can be incredibly isolating, especially after the last year’s social distancing measures. You can feel lonely and as though you’re the only person you know who’s struggling. There are ways to manage this feeling of loneliness and ways to minimise its impact on your mental health.

Sometimes talking to someone about the way you’re feeling can be too overwhelming. A podcast is a brilliant way to bridge this gap without needing to feel vulnerable and exposed to someone else. You can listen to people talking about their experiences with disability, and the chances are, you might just relate to what they say.

Podcasts are hugely beneficial and can help you to feel less alone. Here are a few podcasts that focus on disability and the challenges disability can bring.

Airing Pain

The presenters of Airing Pain talk about chronic forms of pain with specialists and also share some fantastic resources available for those suffering. This podcast connects people who are suffering from chronic pain and either need a distraction or just someone to relate to.

Airing Pain talks about resources, like mobility aids, to help those with disabilities to get around. Having the right mobility aid can help you get around, meet friends and attend events.

Abnormally Funny People

Abnormally Funny People consists of a group of stand-up comedians, including the 2018 winner of Britain’s Got Talent – Lost Voice Guy. If you need a pick me up, try listening to an episode of Abnormally Funny People.

The Tilt parenting podcast

This one is curated for parents with autistic or neuro-diverse children. Those caring for children with disabilities also need advice, someone to relate to and maybe even a little relief. The podcast focuses on how to better understand your child’s needs and how to support them. The Tilt is a comforting podcast that can connect you with other parents who care for neuro-diverse kids.

In Sickness and in Health

Cara Gael O’Regan hosts In Sickness and In Health. She takes a deep dive into various topics surrounding disability, morality and how to get the right support for your needs. This podcast also focuses on the relationship disabled individuals have with their bodies and how to manage that relationship in a healthy way. Give the podcast a listen to learn about chronic illness, disability, healthcare and mortality.

Happy Place

If you are struggling with your mental health because of a disability, consider listening to Ferne Cotton’s Happy Place. She interviews celebrities and discusses how to manage mental health and get the right support. You might just learn a new coping technique or gain some insight into how mental illness impacts different people.

Podcasts are a brilliant resource for anyone struggling with mental health, physical health or a disability.