Declutter your home with these simple tips

Our homes can get cluttered from time to time. Especially when we spend lots of time at home, as many of us have over the last year.

Now we can have guests over to stay at our homes and host more social events with lockdown being eased across the country, it is time to tidy up our pandemic messes and declutter our homes.

Decluttering can feel like a monumental task. All those miscellaneous household purchased made throughout the lockdowns have piled up, storage is at a premium and everything needs organising.

Although we have all become accustomed to our own comfort, it is now time to sort out our homes and enjoy life again.

In this article, we look at some top tips for getting your home decluttered quickly and with ease.

Declutter your home with these simple tips
Photo by Mikael Cho

Tidy Up

The first step in getting your home decluttered is to tidy up. Simply ironing and folding away your laundry; folding cost blankets off the couch; putting away clean dishes and tidying away your mess is a good start. Failure to clear the clutter may attract nasties, which can necessitate the services of a company such as to restore your home to a pest-free state.

While you are tidying you can make piles of stuff to clear out permanently. either by reselling or donating your stuff to good causes or recycling it.

Sort out storage

Next up, build or buy some storage to keep your home tidy. You might need to invest in an SDS drill to help build your storage, but it’s worth it to keep your home clutter free. Bookcases, cabinets and wardrobes are great.

However, if you have limited space at home, think cleverly about storage hacks you can create to maximise your space and stay decluttered.

Get organised

Now that your storage is in place, you can set about organising your clutter, so it stays in good order. Using your storage effectively and zoning it so you know where all your items are when you need it is important.

It is also important to put things back when you have finished with them, so that your home doesn’t become a cluttered mess again.

Clean up your mess

The simple act of cleaning can help you to keep your house clutter free. A natural part of cleaning is to tidy stuff away so you can complete cleaning tasks. We aren’t suggesting you deep clean your house every day.