The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2021

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2021 - Typecast

It's that time of the year again and you're either SUPER organised and finished your Christmas shopping in July or you are - like me - panicking about a couple of presents because they are 'at a funny age' (like my granddaughter or 'they don't need anything' (at least one of my sons). So here is my annual gift guide which will hopefully help you find that amazing, inexpensive present that you'd never thought of!

(Please do keep an eye on this page because I tend to add to it as I find inspiration)

Big Bobble Hats

Big Bobble Hat - The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2021 - Typecast

I've been an ambassador for Big Bobble Hats for a couple of years now and have about six of their designs, plus some of their matching buffs.  These are a great stocking filler and I'm sure there's a colour combination to match your outfit, your running club colours or just something hugely fun.  This one here is the one I wear for parkrun because it matches the high-viz jacket I wear when volunteering!  

If you use the code TC15 when ordering you get get a 15% discount

Champagne for Christmas Day

Say It With Champers personalised champagne - The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2021 - Typecast

Now, champagne is a real treat, isn't it and I know that it feels very luxurious so you tend not to buy it for yourself. Say It With Champers have created a lovely light and refreshing bubbly with a personalised bottle, that can be delivered within the UK in 48 hours.

Family Games

We always try to play games that include every single member of the family. The Malteser & tape measure game can get VERY competitive and board games are always popular but Top Trumps have created some new sets that look like huge fun. We are going to be trying out the Only Fools And Horses set and the James Bond set when we see the family this year.

Only Fools And Horses Top Trumps - The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2021 - Typecast

We've also got this Pass The Pugs "dice" game ready and waiting which looks like loads of fun.  The dog shaped dice earn points depending on which way they land.  You could really adapt the rules of this game depending on whether you had young ones or just adults playing!! 

Traditional Chocolates

You can't go wrong with a box of chocs from ThorntonsBuying a Classic box is always a safe bet when you're looking for a gift but I've recently sampled some salted caramel Pearls, all of which have been added to my favourites list.

What I didn't realise is that Thornton's have gift hampers available on their website which is a great idea for a family coming up to Christmas. I've also seen that they have various ways in which to search their website depending on who you are looking to treat and for what occasion.

Fizzy stuff

Drinkmate beverage carbonator - The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2021 - Typecast

I had the opportunity to try out a Drinkmate home beverage carbonator earlier this year. Unlike Sodastream - which can only carbonate water - the Drinkmate can add fizz to any beverage including juice, tea (yes - really), wine and spirits. We've had huge fun experimenting with different drinks and I was impressed that Drinkmate offer an exchange programme for empty CO2 cylinders. They even accept some of the Sodastream cannisters too!

Filtered Water

ZeroWater water filter and jug - The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2021 - Typecast

Hear me out here because my water filter is THE BEST accessory I have in my kitchen. I drink loads of water and do prefer the taste of filtered or bottled water over tap water so having a 2 litre ZeroWater jug in the fridge means that I'm more likely to drink my quota of water each day. I've worked with ZeroWater for a few years now and have a couple of their jugs. They've added a handy 'tap' to the bottom of their jugs now so people with dexterity issues don't have to lift a heavy jug to fill their glass!

As mentioned above, please do check back because I will be adding more ideas as I find them.  Feel free to leave some suggestions in the comments too.