Top tips for staying on track with weight loss

Top tips for staying on track with weight loss

Did you know that by eating healthy foods, getting more sleep and take part in more physical activity, will help you to stay on track with your diet? So, if you're starting to make those new years resolutions now, the new lifestyle habits you plan will have a positive effect on your weight loss. 

Meal planning

Make breakfast an important part of your daily routine. We all know how easy it is to skip breakfast when you are rushing around in the morning, however by starting the day with a healthy breakfast you will feel the benefits, both mentally and physically. To get the most out of breakfast, try to choose foods that are rich in fibre, protein and B vitamins. These will all help the body and the brain to function at their best throughout the day.

It may help to take a pre-prepared lunch into work with you then you're not tempted to rush out for some fast food or to snack throughout the day.

Incorporating natural remedies from companies like Nature's Happiness can play a vital role in our diets.  These supplements are designed to be an easy way to give your body the nutrition it needs in order to function properly, plus a little extra boost where you may feel you need some additional help, such as for sleep or anxiety.

For an evening meal, using a service that provides prepared weight loss meals because each dieter gets a personal diet consultant. Not only do they give weight loss advice, but they act like a life coach, offering advice, guidance and being there to listen. The diet plan is tailored to each individual's medical history, goals and timeframe. The diet incorporates lots of yummy foods and recipes, all low-calorie and healthy options which means you can still enjoy all of your favourite foods.


Try to be a good role model for your family and demonstrate a healthy lifestyle of your own. Make healthy choices including a healthy diet and regular exercise. Maybe walk to school instead of driving if you can  and include the children in your regular exercise, such as swimming or dance. Regular exercise will not only help to maintain a healthy weight and fight off diseases, but research suggests that keeping physically fit helps you perform better all round.


Water is essential to your health. Even the mildest form of dehydration can affect your cognitive performance and mood. Encourage your child to stay hydrated, both at home and at work, by using a refillable water bottle and drink the recommended two litres of water per day. 


This final tip may sound obvious, but getting enough sleep is vital. You may think that staying up late to catch up on that latest box-set will be OK once in a blue moon it could be quite damaging. Sleep improves your memory, increases creativity and aids your concentration levels. During sleep your brain absorbs the information you learnt while you were awake, so the more sleep you get the longer your brain has to process all this information. Go to bed at a decent time each night and you will find that you wake up feeling much more alert and ready to start again!