Christmas 2011, done and dusted

So, that was Christmas, huh?  How was it for you?  
Here's a few photos of the last few days.

Just before Christmas I won TWO competitions and the prizes were delivered in time for the main event.
I won £80-worth of Cadbury's chocolate on Laura - AWNTYM's blog and a family word/board game in Mediocre Mum's "Smarter Than" Friday twitter quiz.  Both have gone down extremely well!

Last minute Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve was made all the more enjoyable with the accompaniment of the Salvation Army brass band playing Christmas tunes.

Trying out my new camera (Nikon L120 Coolpix).
I could get into this photography lark and haven't used it on "auto" mode once.  Go me!! 
I need to get out and about to try it a bit more.

Best. Christmas. Presents. EVER!
Yes, I got my Kindle.  And the weirdest thing is that my husband was searching online for stores with stock and up popped my "I need a Kindle" blog post.  He knew he'd made the right choice then.
Also, the "Go away, I'm tweeting" mug -  from a "secret santa" who knows me so well, I'd say.
I also received lots of amazing presents this year - the afore-mentioned camera, smellies, new (hooded) dressing gown, slippers, curry spices, books, amazon vouchers, chocolates, a calander, posh jams, silver charms for my bracelet and stuff I've probably forgotten.   

Christmas dinner, with hats that were too big, jokes that were crap and toys that were a bit daft.

Happy grandchildren pestered to play out in the dark, ate us out of cheese and pickles and started a brand new family tradition a sing-song and dance around the piano (musical talent not necessary). 
Boxing Day visits from extended family with probably far too much beer, wine and vodka drunk but a chance for cousins to catch up with each other.

And finally, snacks of cheese and crackers to round it all off.

Can we take the tree down yet?

How was your Christmas?

PS.  Please pass on my "Do Not Be Alone This Christmas" helpline post.  Thanks