The Coca-Cola "Designated Driver" Campaign

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Today, Coca-Cola launch their "Designated Driver" campaign for the festive period. They have joined forces with the Department for Transport to reward responsible drivers with a "buy one, get one free" offer on Coca-Cola and Diet Coke in participating bars and pubs.  The scheme is currently in it's fourth year and over 8000 pubs and bars across the UK have signed up to support responsible drivers.  This is also the first year that NUS bars will also take part in the campaign.  

You can find out which pubs in your local area are supporting this scheme by using the Coca-Cola Designated Driver interactive map and this scheme will run for three weeks, starting today, right up until New Years Eve.  

Last year over 1 million Coca-Cola drinks were given away for free.  It is part of an ongoing partnership with the DfT's Driver Friendly campaign - part of the THINK! road safety initiative.

You can also find Coca-Cola on Twitter.

Please support this campaign by sharing this post with your online community.
(if tweeting, use the hashtag #designateddriver)


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