As Seen On Pinterest (but this time it works!)

I'm fascinated by the crafts and the cooking pins on Pinterest but know that I'll never ever be able to replicate most of them.  However, these looked fairly easy so I had a go.  I'm not going to change the world with them but at least it's keeping me out of mischief!

washi tape, mason jar, storage,
First of all, I'm using my *mason jars as storage.  Since tackling my spare room to make it more of an office area for me, I realised I needed to tidy up my 'bits and pieces'.  Plus, storing my washi tape in a mason jar seems to make it even more pretty...

crochet, afgan throw, granny square, colour pop,
When I crocheted my first hoard of granny squares I wasn't too sure what style of blanket/throw I was going for.  Then I saw that someone had edged their blanket with black yarn and this really gave more 'pop' to the colours that they had used.  You can read more about this project here.  The blanket is now residing on our spare bed.

Slow cooker chilli con carne
Cooking from Pinterest is a bit hit and miss - usually more of the latter. I'm not about to start making cake-pops (yes, they are a 'thing' apparently) or home-made Mars bars (they are 60p at the local shop - isn't making your own a bit too extreme?) but the slow-cooker recipes are usually a safe bet. I adapted a chilli-con-carne recipe I found and it's a staple favourite in this house now.

filofax, journalling, washi tape, stickers
I keep meaning to start 'journalling' in my Filofax. I'm currently using a 'day on one page' format (yes, I changed again) but the idea is that you use lots of colour, (the aforementioned) washi tape, stickers and keywords to make your week look interesting.  Seriously, it's HUGE on YouTube.  I've not really got the hang of it yet but I might start properly next year.  Maybe I need to be a bit more artistic...

(by the way, I've covered up Tuesday's appointment... it's a secret but one that I'll let you in on when the time is right)

Tell me about your Pinterest hits and misses. What works and what doesn't?

*I bought/acquired a host of mason jars **when I made jam once with a whole harvest of fruit from our allotment. Prior to this jam making episode I hadn't really researched "making jam" properly either on Google or Pinterest and didn't realise that 6lb of fruit and 4lb of sugar would actually make 10lb of jam.  

**during (yes, really) and after (I left the jam in the pan whilst I went to the shop - probably not the best thing to do)

* (part 2) I might have once insinuated that I drink juice out of a mason jar. I don't.