Soundtrack To My Life - Andy

Soundtrack To My Life
Andy has been mentioned on this blog before - in the post entitled "Screw Fix". We've been acquainted for a few years now through a web forum and he now amuses me on Facebook with old (embarrassing) photos or stories about people turning up in a light aircraft to buy a bike he sold them on eBay... Over to Andy for his music choices.  Oh, and he's managed to squeeze six in somehow!


The Beatles - Back in the USSR 

It's by no means my favourite Beatles' song, but I vividly remember my dad playing it to me as a child and telling me they were the best band ever.

I took it in and spent most of my youth in my own bubble listening to everything from Buddy Holly through to Jimi Hendrix, allowing all contemporary music of the day to pass me by completely.

Lenny Kravitz - Let Love Rule

Then, as the 80s became the 90s Lenny appeared on the scene as if he'd been delivered by the Hot Tub Time Machine from 1968. Finally I felt like I had something contemporary to latch on to. I saw him live several times and played that album to death.

Looking back I was a bit loon about him. The poster's in the attic now and I don't listen to him so much these days, but that first gig was a real awakening for me. I don't remember ever feeling happier.

Oasis - I Am the Walrus

Before all the hype and mainstream success I remember hearing John Peel play this on his Radio 1 show one afternoon. I've never been so immediately won over by a band ever.

Dusty Springfield - I Only Want To Be With You

Then, somehow by 2000 I'd found someone to marry me. We had a karaoke at our wedding rather than a disco / band, so instead of a first dance we had a first song.

It's a happy memory. I changed the lyrics slightly, Dusty sang "when I fell into your open arms I didn't stand a chance." 'Arms' became 'legs' in my version. The thought of me drunkenly doing that in front of an assembly of every friend and relative I've got makes me wince and smile in equal measure.

Graham Coxon - Just Be Mine

So, I drifted into midlife crisis with Graham Coxon as my primary soundtrack. Those of you with Spotify, I urge you to go and listen to Graham's The Kiss Of Morning, because I reckon it's the best album you've never heard.

I've picked this song because it takes me back to where I begun, with The Beatles. I went to the Reeperbahn Festival last year and finally got to tread in the Fab Four's formative footsteps, I also managed to bump into Graham and make a complete arse of myself. Life's good.

Fountains of Wayne - Someone to Love

I've been allowed an encore for no reason other than they're my favourite band and they deserve a mention.
Is that not enough?


Soundtrack To My Life
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