Bring Back Horsemanning!

Horsemanning, photo craze,

I saw a random image from the 1920s today somewhere on the interwebs and I'm now thinking that we need a new photo craze for 2014.  

Planking is so 2010 and Owling or Batmanning is a boring copy. Cat/Dog Bearding means you need a cat or a dog and if you already have one of these then I'm sure you've participated in Lion King-ing.

Using two people and a bit of a clever angle, you can take a photograph that makes it seem that someone has been beheaded (like the Headless Horseman).

So, who's up for it?  Upload your results to the comments box, tweet me your photos, tag me on Facebook or email them to me and I'll add them to this post.

Image credit : the Horsemanning website